Tuesday, June 1, 2010

they're haunting me

The children, that is. No, not my own (although the summer break only started yesterday and I am nearly ready for them to go back to school!) Kidding--well, kinda.

Seriously, I had a dream last night that we adopted 4 kids. They were all kids that I had seen on the SC Heart Gallery, unrelated. Sooooooo not going to happen! But, anyway, it seems that everywhere we turn there's something or someone else talking about adoption---a magazine that came in the mail the other day had an article about it---a sermon we inadvertently found and listened to was about adoption--it seems that the topic is everywhere. BUT, Back to the kids---- all the ones in my dream were kids whom I've spent time looking at and reading through their profiles multiple times. Not only on the gallery, but adoptuskids. I really encourage you to go to these websites and find a child or two that you are drawn to and begin to pray that he/she find a home. A FOREVER HOME, that is. Or just pray that they are happy, safe, and feel loved. This way, you can pray for them by name. The Bible tells us to be specific in our prayers.

Adoption, like many other activities, is a calling. Not everyone is equipped for it, and that's fine. Nobody should be made to feel bad because they just don't want to do it. However, everyone can do something. I've made a list (yes, I know I've done this before) for those who need reminding of some of their options. Let me know if you try any of these:

1. Did you know that most foster children carry their belongings around in a plastic sack? They don't even have a suitcase when they move. They use trash bags. You can donate backpacks or overnight bags. Just call your local DSS office.

2. There are many, many children who need mentors. This takes one hour a week. ONE HOUR! They just want someone to care about them. The only hug they get all week may be from you.

3. Volunteer to be a guardian ad litem. This requires time so be prepared, but being an advocate for a kid so that he/she has a voice is mighty important!

Okay, I'm going to leave it at three (not counting the praying) and move on.

You're probably tired of my harping anyway.

A comment was left for the post from yesterday that said it was difficult to adopt a dog as well in GA. I found that to be hilarious because I had just had that same conversation with my brother the other night. His family adopted a dog from the "pound" they don't call it that anymore, but he said is was an ordeal. Like, when did we start filling out applications to adopt a dog?? Next, there will be homestudies for that. Actually, I think some of those rescue people actually already do a home visit! I know they threaten to take the dog back after you adopt it if they decide you aren't worthy. Ridiculous! Maybe next I'll post about the ridiculous...there's certainly plenty of fodder out there for that.

On a joyous note, The Bachelorette has started again! Yeah, me!! I get to hear "her and I" more times than I care to......... you know I'll watch it anyway!!

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