Sunday, June 27, 2010

zhu-zhu pets

If you are like me, you have no idea what zhu zhu pets are. So, when the boys starting talking about them and telling me all of the cool things that they can do, I knew we would have to rush out to Wally World and pick us up a couple of those. Little did I know how much they really do look like hamsters, and with my fear of rodents you can imagine my horror at seeing them skitter across the floor and hearing them squeak. It is most distressing! However, the boys get what the boys want while they're hear....kinda like grandkids except that they're NOT.

Sam got the orange one and Jack got the black/white one. You can even buy clothes for them....which I didn't, although the cars and tracks that you can purchase do look pretty cool. With Jack's birthday just around the corner and then Christmas, I do so some of those accessories in their future!

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