Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm still on vacay...and loving it, but just had to post about his darned heat. We are in Orlando right now and spent a couple of days in St. Augustine over the weekend. Can't wait to show the pics from there! That place is great!

However, I akin the state of Florida to the country of Africa. I've always asked God to never, ever send me here to live. You just think it's hot where you are....ha! Try being here where the heat is so oppressive you can't walk outside for fear of melting into a puddle. I don't even understand people who come down here during the summer to go to the theme parks. How can that possibly be fun??

We are here for the Southern Baptist Convention, and honestly, I think there may be a little heat of another kind once the business starts tomorrow. If you are SB, then you've heard about the Great Commission Task Force. Now, that name begs the question.....Do we really need a task force to tell us what the Bible meant by Great Commission? I doubt it. But, that's a different post for a different day....about the arrogance of it all. God is probably shaking His head in utter disappointment.

Anyway, stay cool....however you can.....totally jealous, Janet, of that pool :0)

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  1. Girl, I KNOW about the Florida heat!!! Our A/C is out in our Jeep and it hasn't been working in our house. The guy is suppposed to fix it in my house today, Praise Jesus!!!!! And, Josh is looking at a manual to fix the jeep himself. Could you pray about that??? :)

    Hope y'all have lots of fun and I will look forward to hearing your updates on all the business. I have the feeling your version will be easier to hear than the real thing. :)