Monday, June 28, 2010

preparing for Egypt

Our VBS theme this year is Egypt which talks about the journey that Joseph made from the prison to the palace. Here's a few pics of some of our preparations for the start.

Cheryl and Stevie in the jewelry shop getting things set up to make Egyptian collars and bottomless sandals.

Stevie and Zach's shop: the hieroglyphic artist where the kids (and adults) can make necklaces with their Egyptian name in hieroglyphics, get tatoos, and draw their own hieroglyphics.

The background for the photo shop. Thanks, Philip for the awesome pyramid!!

Sam with his family sash on in the Egyptian marketplace.

Jack, Sam, and Maddie waiting patiently while all of the last minute preparations are made before we begin! Aren't they cute??


  1. Wow! It all looks great! Hope y'all have a great week!

  2. You missed the point of that last pic. as Sam said, "Jack is the King and she is the queen and I am the knight. I'm hunting dragons." He found them a matching set of thrones. Just FYI