Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day letters

To Steve:

When God sent you to me, He knew what He was doing. How could I have asked for anyone better to love and protect our children? From changing poopy diapers to buying tampons...there's no job too big or small! The way you show your love for all three of our precious darlings is a testimony to how much you are in love with God. He oozes from your pores. Thank you for choosing me to share this life with! Today, we celebrate you............and I'm so happy you're ours.

To Billy:

Watching you with Sam and Jack makes me so proud. I am in awe of the way that you never tire of playing with them and answering the endless questions. Watching you makes me want a nap! I know that you are following the great example set forth by our dad, and I know that he is looking down and smiling at the great job you are doing! May God always bless your family as He has mine.

To Dad:

I know you are looking down and smiling at us today as with every day. Thank you for the example you set on how to love. I still miss you terribly, but know that you wouldn't choose to come back since you are with your heavenly Father who cherishes us above all. I've tried hard to live up to your of service to others.....I hope you're proud.

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