Saturday, July 31, 2010

friends are friends forever take 2

Vidalia, home of the sweet onion, and also the second stop on my trip to south Georgia. I lived in Vidalia when I was in middle school, so this was not only a time of visiting, it was a serious blast from the past!
First stop: Lynn's house. We talked and talked and talked into the night about everything and nothing. I got caught up on her life and she on mine. Her husband, Gerald, came in around 9ish and took me by surprise. He looks exactly the same.....which is mostly funny because I had seen a picture on Lynn's FB page and thought that was him. However, at the time I also remember thinking to myself.....I really don't remember Gerald looking like the, happily that wasn't him...because, honestly I was a little afraid!

The next day, we embarked on a "tour" of Vidalia. This took about ten minutes as Vidalia isn't a big say the least. It was fun, though, because I took lots of pictures from days of old. We also went by her church, Lyons First Baptist, who recently completed a 3 million dollar children's building...oh yeah, I was seriously coveting! I have lots and lots of pics for you pastor's wives of that thing!It is really something to behold!

Lynn is a retired teacher (31 years) and was working as a consultant, so I was able to really pick her brain on many literacy issues and ideas to use for my new library.  This picking of the brain? Yeah, that will be an on-going thing......hate it for her!!

So, without further ado, here's my true "blast from the past"

This is the house we lived in.
The "old" Tripp middle school
More of the middle school

The "old" Darby gym. This is also where we saw many wrestling the Rick Flair type!

and this is Lynn! 

It was so much fun to see her and see the town again. I have many fond memories of living there. The word "community" actually means something to these people! If you ever go through there or are going by and can make a and stop at the Steeplechase for lunch or is quite worth it!

I'll be posting the pics from the children's building soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

friends are friend forever


I set off on my adventure through south Georgia on Wed about two hours later than I had planned. I wanted to rent a car because my van was acting up, and while the guy knew that I had planned to pick it up at 10 AM, he didn't bother to show up until noon. I thought I was going to have to reschedule, but things ended up working out,and boy am I glad they did!

First off, I met up with Janet in Savannah......

It was great to see her and her husband, Mac. She gave me a tour of her ginormous house that contains about 850 paintings that Mac has done. (ok, so that's an exaggeration!) but all the same it is filled with his work...and can I just say....they are AMAZING!! They have an etsy shop where they sell some of the paintings and if you are in the market, you might want to give them a look-see! There were quite a few that I would have gladly snuck out of their house for my own use!!
She showed me her lagoon which, quite frankly, was the thing I was most excited about seeing--except her of course!--it's pretty darn cool. Thankfully, their friendly alligator neighbor did not make an appearance. Because while I am sure that would have been intriguing, I didn't really want to meet him up close!

Lastly, we took a swim in the gloriously not too warm water in her pool, Now, let me explain about this pool. It has no ladder or steps in which to get in......or OUT! So, getting in was fine. We talked and enjoyed the lapping of the water and about 30 minutes into this activity it dawned on me----how am I suppose to get out??? Let me tell you, that became the question of the day! Janet with her little self, says to me, just jump up and roll out. Yeah, right. First of all, grandmaw here ain't jumping too high these days. Secondly, Janet, have you SEEN me?? I am rotund, to put it nicely. Imagine with me, if you will, a giant manatee trying to slosh its way onto shore. Yeah, that was me! It took three tries with me wondering if I should just call AAA for a tow, and while it would have been so much more embarrassing, I was totally kicking myself for not having a video camera as I would be $25,000 richer for winning that AFV show or at least I would be a YouTube sensation!

It was, really, an amazing time. You know you have a true friend when after not seeing someone for 20 years you can talk for 5 hours straight without a lull in the conversation. It was wonderful to see her!

You can really see some of Mac's work well in this pic!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

lots and lots of news

I have lots and lots of news and pictures, but I'm just too tired to type it all. Suffice to say that my trip was great!It's so amazing when you haven't seen someone in years, and you can pick up and talk for HOURS without missing a, that's a true friend!! I have some funnies about my misadventures as well. I can't wait to share!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still counting

Well, when the other man in my life--also known as Dr. Godfrey--called today, I knew the news was bad. My counts are down again. Actually the white blood count is the same and he doesn't seem worried about it. My platelets are down to 7.4, which is about half what they should be. However, after doing some more research, I am not really that worried. When I saw the oncologist last month, he said that everything was working normally even though the counts were down. And, what I read today said that sometimes the counts are just down, but everything works.

We are on a new plan of action, however. We are reducing my premarin (hormone) to 1/2 and while doc said to go back to the oncologist as soon as I could, I think I am going to give it about a month before I go. I am making an appointment with someone in Augusta since I didn't really care for the guy here.

On a happy note, I will be counting something else....BOOKS!! Yes, I got the job. The only thing now is for the board to approve me which should happen sometime next week.

I'm off tomorrow to visit my friends, and I can hardly wait!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

big week

I hopefully have a big week coming up! So excited.....hope everything works out!

First up, tomorrow, I have my blood drawn again to see if my counts have gone up. I sure hope so because I am really tired of thinking about this thing. That will also mean that the adoption can go forward.

Next, I will hopefully be going on a job interview. A little school in our district is hiring a part-time media specialist. The principal called last week to ask if I was still interested, and then said she would call back with an interview time. This would certainly be an answer to a big prayer if I could secure this job. It wouldn't solve the medical insurance issue, but would certainly solve my boredom issue!

Then, I am suppose to hook up with two long-lost friends. First, I am driving to Savannah to see've probably read her blog.....whom I haven't seen in 20 years. I know this because she moved the summer I got married. She and I were in college together and simply lost touch. I am very thrilled to have the opportunity to see her again. I cannot wait to hear about her many travels and see that lagoon she talks about all of the time. That should make for a pretty interesting post when I get back!

Also just as exciting is that this week I get to see another friend I haven't seen in about 20 years. The last time I saw her Stevie was an infant, and she's 19 now! Lynn was my 6th grade Language Arts teacher and lived in my neighborhood. She became like a surrogate mother to me, and I've missed her. She is a g'ma now and her daughter who I babysat is getting her doctorate. WOW!! Way to go, Jodie!!

Finally, I register Luke for high school on Wednesday. Yes, that's right, I said high school. I cannot believe my baby is in the 9th grade. My how time does fly!

It's shaping up to be a wild week, for sure.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

blogging for orphans

The school situation in the town of Ziway, Ethiopia is very inadequate. Many children simply do not have the opportunity to attend school at any level or in any facility. The government schools are overcrowded with up to 75 students per classroom. Private schools tend to be somewhat better, but usually have 40-50 students per class. Whether private or public, the schools are lacking in even the basics. Students must share textbooks and cannot take their textbooks home. Even standard items such as chalk and pencils are in short supply and must be severely rationed.

The caregivers and children recognize the value of a good education. They know that education is critical to their obtaining good employment and providing for themselves and their families. Therefore, it is a priority to Lifesong for Orphans to construct a quality grade school as quickly as possible. One of the essential ways to pull Ethiopia out of its poverty is to educate its citizens.

We all go out of our ways to give our kiddos the very best we possibly can. In Ethiopia, this looks very different than it does for you and me in the US!

Lifesong for Orphans is supporting 3 schools in the Ziway, Ethiopia area. We are currently repairing one of the schools and are in the process of building another, but are hopeful to use all three this fall.

As you start gathering school supplies for your kids, would you consider helping the children in Ziway?

We are in need of new desks, lights, and fixtures!

Current supply shelves:

Current ‘desks’:

New desks needed:

Make a donation here and indicate ‘Ethiopia school needs’ in the description.

To stay up to date on the progress, check back here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I have some questions for you guys......not life-altering or anything remotely important..but still......

I. want. to. know.

What is the deal with these Rainbow sandals that they cost like $50? That is a stretch, don't ya think?

What's up with the cupcake.....and why are all of these bakeries putting all of their eggs in one basket ? Now, I like the cake.....but, really?

How in the world did THIS guy get on the ballot in the first place? The guy on the right....I have no idea who that other guy is!

And finally....and perhaps the most important one of all.....What do YOU use these for? I love them, I want one--monogrammed, of course--but what do you do with it?

job hunt

So, I've been on the job hunt for months now as you know. The school year begins in 3 weeks, and there are truly very few prospects on the frontier. I'm panicking a little while trying to stay positive, realistic, and remembering that God is in control. I've done all I can do, the rest is not up to me. What is the most depressing, though is the constant conversation about it.

Some people "in the know" don't have good news, and they feel the need to "encourage" me with that! Yikes......I haven't given up hope, but I'd say the forecast is bleak.

Which can really only mean one thing.....if I don't find a job, that just means that there is something else I am suppose to be doing. Whatever it is, I hope it's not housework! LOL

Monday, July 19, 2010

the gift

Uh, yeah, This kid

Amazes. Me.

Check him out at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

what's on your tivo?

Summer use to be the time when NO new tv shows came on and you were simply left to your own devices. Now, there are so many new shows out that we can't watch them all and have to tivo them. Here's what we like:

Whale Wars: I caught a few of past episodes one day when I was simply channel surfing and got hooked. This season, though, has been a little like watching paint dry....until last night when finally some action happened.

Friday Night Lights: Love, love, love this show! If I lived in Dillon, I'd be right there in the mix of things with Tammy and Coach. Hate that Matt left the show, but word is that he'll be back for a few episodes next season (probably the last). This show is just good, family fun!

Design Star: Of course, I love reality tv and then you throw some kind of contest into the mix and WOWSER! I am in love. 'nough said.

Next Food Network Star: read the sentence clear favorite, though is Aarti.

Burn Notice: I tell you what, the cable channels are stirring up trouble for the networks. Their shows are just much, much better. We love all of the spy drama in this one, and the main character, Michael, looks and makes the same facial expressions as my brother so we find it extra amusing.

Royal Pains: Just pure fun........who wouldn't want to live in the Hamptons. I'd want to live there all year, not just the summer.

DC Cupcakes: This is another TLC show about a family-owned cupcake bakery. What is the fascination with cupcakes, do you reckon? I love cupcakes, but seriously, there's about three or four show devoted to the little bites of goodness....Cupcake Wars to name just one.....and yes, I love that one, too.

Here's what I am NOT tivoing, however:

Kate Plus 8: Seriously???? Could she possible just go back to nursing to make some money and stop whining about how everything she does is for the chiiiiiiiiiilllllllldreeeeennnnnnnn?? Be. For. Real. NOBODY believes that anymore, Kate. Please, do us all a favor and get off the screen.

19 Kids and Counting: I thought it was creepy when it first started, but to each his own I guess. I just want to know with that many kids, how in the world they find time to keep getting pregnant? And does this woman have super-sized energy or what? BUT, what really got my goat was when before the latest came home from the hospital, she hinted that she might already be preggers again. I hope not.

Well, that's not all, but that's all for now. So, what's on your tivo?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

shades of morning

Book and coffee shop owner Marnie Wittier lives on the opposite end of the country from where she grew up; she needs that much distance from her past. But her past won't stay away; her estranged sister, Rose, dies and Marnie is named guardian of Rose's 15-year-old son, Emmit, who has Down syndrome. Another complication: Rose's attorney is Taylor Cole, whom Marnie once loved. The complicated family history unreels in the narrative, alternating with Marnie's learning to cope with the sweet and very challenging Emmit.

I recently read Shades of Morning by Marlo Schalesky for which a synopsis is given above. I was drawn to the characters almost immediately. Each character has depth and holds his or her own within the storyline.

However, the story takes some unpredictable turns that cause confusion for the reader. I cannot say too much without giving the entire plot away, but suffice it to say that the ending is a huge surprise, and left me feeling a bit cheated mostly because while the plot is true enough to life, the ending gets a bit bizarre.

Reading this book will cause you to think about how you deal with regrets, forgiveness, and relationships. There are many, many great moments in the book when characters have revelations that are life-changing and profound. I know that I reevaluated some of my own feelings about some things after and while I read.

I would highly recommend this book for those who like Christian fiction....there are many, many wonderful references to how our relationship with Jesus correlates with our relationships with others.....and also for those who just like to read a book for the entertainment value. It is, certainly, entertaining even with the disconcerting ending.

I received a copy of this book from Multnomah Publishers in exchange for my review.

what do people do all day?

This post is not for those of you who work and/or have little ones. I KNOW what you do all day.....I've been there! This is a serious question for those who don't work and don't have little ones. Like people who are probably much older than me....who aren't reading my blog!

Seriously, though. I've been contemplating what will happen to me if I don't find a job for this school year to combat the depression and sense of worthlessness that is already starting to pound on my already fragile ego. I've had some thoughts, but what I'd really like to know is: what do you do all day???

I can clean house......And that will take up about 30 minutes.....for I am bored with it easily.

I bought all of the stuff to "teach" myself how to knit, and that little hobby lasted about 30 minutes. Teaching myself was NOT a smart idea. I asked around at church, and didn't really get any serious offers for someone else to teach me, and then the knitting stuff went away. I cannot say where exactly, but I believe it grew legs and started running for fear that I would begin to abuse it once more.

I love to read, but seriously? that gets boring after awhile (I'll be blogging what I'm reading in the VERY near future).

I do like to play the piano, but since I don't have one anymore I have to go to the church....and if you live in OUR town, you KNOW that there is always someone at our church! I hate to subject others to the pounding of the keys.

I'll continue to volunteer, of course, because what is life without service to others?

Someone suggested that we (she and I) write a children's book, and honestly, that's the best offer yet......I wonder if she's serious.

So, I'm on the prowl for a hobby.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you....what do you do all day?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the crazy train

We spent time over the weekend in Orlando with the in-laws otherwise known as riding on the CRAZY train! We were there so that we could take Steve's mom to her dr.'s appointment on Monday. She's fine, and believe you me, we were ready to hightail it out of there as soon as it was over! Even Steve, poor thing, wonders where in that gene pool he fits in!

We did get to go to Downtown Disney and Cocoa Beach, and I will post pictures of those tomorrow when I'm recovered a little better!

So, that's where I've been. Back to business tomorrow!

Friday, July 9, 2010


The guy from the lead company came to do his fancy testing today. Actually, I think he was with DHEC as well.....not from a different company like we had been told, but we didn't really care where he came from......just that he came.

The bottom line is: Everything is fine! So, it won't matter what age the child we adopt is.

One more hurdle to jump over, and then we can get to the home study. After that, it is just a matter of being matched with a child. The SC Heart Gallery posted some new pics in region 1 if you are interested.

It's nice to be making progress again!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I told y'all weeks ago that I was getting new glasses and that I had to have bifocals. Well, I've needed those for a while but was simply too vain to admit it :)

Well, I have JUST the place for you if you are ever in the market. A friend of Steve's told me about this site, and once I visited it for myself, I couldn't contain myself!

Here's the first pair that I ordered. They are shown here as sunglasses, but I ordered them without the tint. I love the sides of them:

Now, they are a little larger on my face than I would have liked, although everyone says they look fine. You know how that is, though......people don't want to hurt your feelings and all. I really don't care, though, because I CAN SEE!!

But, wait! I haven't told you the best part! The frames and the progressive lenses TOGETHER
only cost me......


Can you believe that?????

Here's a picture of the second pair I ordered which I haven't received yet. However, this time, I measured and paid attention to what I was buying (the first time I was so excited about the price that I totally didn't pay attention to the measurements of the frame hence the largeness of them). This pair should be smaller.................

This pair was a little more expensive, but I didn't care....I splurged.....these only cost me....


$65 That's right folks!!

I know......Amazing.

Check out this site if you are in need of contacts, and you need your prescription, but well worth the money! The quality is great.....I think I'm going to order one more pair because there were so many frame choices......and REALLY.......for that price I can have a pair to match every outfit!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


With summer happening around us...and goodness knows that summer in SC means's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to update you on all things adoption and health-related.

Most importantly: ADOPTION

Remember when the guy from DHEC came and said we had lead paint in this here parsonage? Yeah, I know....I barely remember it! Well, he told us then that we would have to have a fancy company come and do extensive lead testing. He told us it would be a week or so before they called. It's been like 6 weeks...but, they finally called and on Thursday.....the fancy testing will commence. Most likely, the result will be that the child we adopt will have to be 7 or older. No biggie---after having the boys for a week, I believe that I. REST. MY. CASE. where Steve and Luke and their whole "we want a little person" are concerned!

So, that's where we are with that. Waiting on the health to work itself out before we go any further with the window that has to be replaced which is a post unto itself.


I went off of my bp meds about 2 weeks ago. My bp started creeping up last week....not bad, but bad enough that my heart was pounding and I just didn't feel that good. So, I got the prescription filled that the other man in my life right now....Dr. Godfrey.... gave me. I have actually felt great since I started taking it. My thoughts are that my platelets and white blood cells have to be reproducing because I have a lot more energy than I've had in months! It may be wishful thinking...but, I certainly hope not as I am not planning a bone marrow aspiration anytime soon! Those things are painful and they don't put you to sleep. I'd probably have a massive heart attack and die if they the other issues would be a mute point anyway! Better to just start reproducing, little cells.

Can I just ask for one thing? Can you pray for a couple I know, Steve and Deanna, who just received some devastating news? Steve is 46. They have 4 kids (8-18) and he was just diagnosed with colon cancer. Without a miracle, he's probably not going to make it. Whether God chooses to provide a miracle or not; He alone knows what Deanna and the kids will need going forward. All we can do is pray that His peace swallow them up.

Okay, okay, one more thing.....Steve's (my Steve) mom is having a PET scan next Monday. We'll be there, but neither of his parents are in good health. There are some real issues that need to be resolved. Again, I can't ask for anything other than your prayers...........but prayers of righteous people bring about much good.....

So, those are my updates in a nutshell.

our 4th

After church, we had a house full of teenagers.....

Then, the teens went to a cook-out while Steve and I went to Outback....

And afterwards, we stopped and picked up some fireworks.....

Fun times!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

i've been invaded!

by BOYS!!! This week, our house has been full of laughter, fun and noise...and a lot of all three. I've had little boys.....

and BIG boys......

and it's been a true joy to have them all.

I was use to my house being quiet until 14 1/2 years ago when Luke came along. We'd just had girls, and for the most part, they were pretty quiet. Luke came along and changed all of that. Steve and I use to look at each other and say, "I don't remember the girls being that loud!" So, it has been noisy and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love that his friends want to come here and hang out; and of course, I do love those little guys who visit us once a year! Check the next post for good slippin' and slidin' fun.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

vbs: day 4

We've had about 70 each night which we are very happy about. Group's Bible School rocks!!