Tuesday, July 27, 2010

still counting

Well, when the other man in my life--also known as Dr. Godfrey--called today, I knew the news was bad. My counts are down again. Actually the white blood count is the same and he doesn't seem worried about it. My platelets are down to 7.4, which is about half what they should be. However, after doing some more research, I am not really that worried. When I saw the oncologist last month, he said that everything was working normally even though the counts were down. And, what I read today said that sometimes the counts are just down, but everything works.

We are on a new plan of action, however. We are reducing my premarin (hormone) to 1/2 and while doc said to go back to the oncologist as soon as I could, I think I am going to give it about a month before I go. I am making an appointment with someone in Augusta since I didn't really care for the guy here.

On a happy note, I will be counting something else....BOOKS!! Yes, I got the job. The only thing now is for the board to approve me which should happen sometime next week.

I'm off tomorrow to visit my friends, and I can hardly wait!!

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