Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I have some questions for you guys......not life-altering or anything remotely important..but still......

I. want. to. know.

What is the deal with these Rainbow sandals that they cost like $50? That is a stretch, don't ya think?

What's up with the cupcake.....and why are all of these bakeries putting all of their eggs in one basket ? Now, I like the cake.....but, really?

How in the world did THIS guy get on the ballot in the first place? The guy on the right....I have no idea who that other guy is!

And finally....and perhaps the most important one of all.....What do YOU use these for? I love them, I want one--monogrammed, of course--but what do you do with it?


  1. "Being There" is Peter Sellers' greatest movie. He plays a moron who gets nominated to run for POTUS. Very funny satire of our political system ala 1980. It is definitely going in the Netflix queue.