Saturday, July 17, 2010

what's on your tivo?

Summer use to be the time when NO new tv shows came on and you were simply left to your own devices. Now, there are so many new shows out that we can't watch them all and have to tivo them. Here's what we like:

Whale Wars: I caught a few of past episodes one day when I was simply channel surfing and got hooked. This season, though, has been a little like watching paint dry....until last night when finally some action happened.

Friday Night Lights: Love, love, love this show! If I lived in Dillon, I'd be right there in the mix of things with Tammy and Coach. Hate that Matt left the show, but word is that he'll be back for a few episodes next season (probably the last). This show is just good, family fun!

Design Star: Of course, I love reality tv and then you throw some kind of contest into the mix and WOWSER! I am in love. 'nough said.

Next Food Network Star: read the sentence clear favorite, though is Aarti.

Burn Notice: I tell you what, the cable channels are stirring up trouble for the networks. Their shows are just much, much better. We love all of the spy drama in this one, and the main character, Michael, looks and makes the same facial expressions as my brother so we find it extra amusing.

Royal Pains: Just pure fun........who wouldn't want to live in the Hamptons. I'd want to live there all year, not just the summer.

DC Cupcakes: This is another TLC show about a family-owned cupcake bakery. What is the fascination with cupcakes, do you reckon? I love cupcakes, but seriously, there's about three or four show devoted to the little bites of goodness....Cupcake Wars to name just one.....and yes, I love that one, too.

Here's what I am NOT tivoing, however:

Kate Plus 8: Seriously???? Could she possible just go back to nursing to make some money and stop whining about how everything she does is for the chiiiiiiiiiilllllllldreeeeennnnnnnn?? Be. For. Real. NOBODY believes that anymore, Kate. Please, do us all a favor and get off the screen.

19 Kids and Counting: I thought it was creepy when it first started, but to each his own I guess. I just want to know with that many kids, how in the world they find time to keep getting pregnant? And does this woman have super-sized energy or what? BUT, what really got my goat was when before the latest came home from the hospital, she hinted that she might already be preggers again. I hope not.

Well, that's not all, but that's all for now. So, what's on your tivo?


  1. Top Chef / Covert Affairs / Glades / Hell's Kitchen / White Collar / The Closer / Rizzioli and Isles (sp) / Leverage. Just to name a few!

  2. I don't have a TiVo, but I'm watching Top Chef, Mythbusters, MLB and at the end of the month Project Runway.

  3. Okay, that's scary. My sister says she can't watch Burn Notice without thinking of Bill! Did I tell you that or were you thinking that without my influence?? So weird. I agree (minus the hair) they have VERY similar facial features. Haven't watched the show for the rest, but now I think I might have to.

  4. Tracy, wow, Micheal is Billy made over. We have said that from the start. Not just looks, but mannorisms too

  5. Of course, Drop Dead Diva. My other favorites are House and Losing It With Jillian. I know, I am so random...I think I may really get into Glades too.