Friday, July 30, 2010

friends are friend forever


I set off on my adventure through south Georgia on Wed about two hours later than I had planned. I wanted to rent a car because my van was acting up, and while the guy knew that I had planned to pick it up at 10 AM, he didn't bother to show up until noon. I thought I was going to have to reschedule, but things ended up working out,and boy am I glad they did!

First off, I met up with Janet in Savannah......

It was great to see her and her husband, Mac. She gave me a tour of her ginormous house that contains about 850 paintings that Mac has done. (ok, so that's an exaggeration!) but all the same it is filled with his work...and can I just say....they are AMAZING!! They have an etsy shop where they sell some of the paintings and if you are in the market, you might want to give them a look-see! There were quite a few that I would have gladly snuck out of their house for my own use!!
She showed me her lagoon which, quite frankly, was the thing I was most excited about seeing--except her of course!--it's pretty darn cool. Thankfully, their friendly alligator neighbor did not make an appearance. Because while I am sure that would have been intriguing, I didn't really want to meet him up close!

Lastly, we took a swim in the gloriously not too warm water in her pool, Now, let me explain about this pool. It has no ladder or steps in which to get in......or OUT! So, getting in was fine. We talked and enjoyed the lapping of the water and about 30 minutes into this activity it dawned on me----how am I suppose to get out??? Let me tell you, that became the question of the day! Janet with her little self, says to me, just jump up and roll out. Yeah, right. First of all, grandmaw here ain't jumping too high these days. Secondly, Janet, have you SEEN me?? I am rotund, to put it nicely. Imagine with me, if you will, a giant manatee trying to slosh its way onto shore. Yeah, that was me! It took three tries with me wondering if I should just call AAA for a tow, and while it would have been so much more embarrassing, I was totally kicking myself for not having a video camera as I would be $25,000 richer for winning that AFV show or at least I would be a YouTube sensation!

It was, really, an amazing time. You know you have a true friend when after not seeing someone for 20 years you can talk for 5 hours straight without a lull in the conversation. It was wonderful to see her!

You can really see some of Mac's work well in this pic!

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