Thursday, July 15, 2010

what do people do all day?

This post is not for those of you who work and/or have little ones. I KNOW what you do all day.....I've been there! This is a serious question for those who don't work and don't have little ones. Like people who are probably much older than me....who aren't reading my blog!

Seriously, though. I've been contemplating what will happen to me if I don't find a job for this school year to combat the depression and sense of worthlessness that is already starting to pound on my already fragile ego. I've had some thoughts, but what I'd really like to know is: what do you do all day???

I can clean house......And that will take up about 30 minutes.....for I am bored with it easily.

I bought all of the stuff to "teach" myself how to knit, and that little hobby lasted about 30 minutes. Teaching myself was NOT a smart idea. I asked around at church, and didn't really get any serious offers for someone else to teach me, and then the knitting stuff went away. I cannot say where exactly, but I believe it grew legs and started running for fear that I would begin to abuse it once more.

I love to read, but seriously? that gets boring after awhile (I'll be blogging what I'm reading in the VERY near future).

I do like to play the piano, but since I don't have one anymore I have to go to the church....and if you live in OUR town, you KNOW that there is always someone at our church! I hate to subject others to the pounding of the keys.

I'll continue to volunteer, of course, because what is life without service to others?

Someone suggested that we (she and I) write a children's book, and honestly, that's the best offer yet......I wonder if she's serious.

So, I'm on the prowl for a hobby.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you....what do you do all day?

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  1. Patty I retired 7 years ago and I sometimes wonder how I ever had time to work. Since retiring I've learned to oil paint, taught myself to play piano (started with a cheap electronic keyboard), started a garden, write a Blog, do as little house cleaning as I can get away with, walk every day, swim, take a nap, write (writing a book is a good idea), redecorate my house on a regular basis, go out dancing, and do nothing which is sometimes the best thing of all. Mac has always been my best friend so we do a lot of things together. I never thought my job gave me a sense of worth, it only gave me the money to do the things I wanted to do.
    Don't get depressed, find something that you enjoy and do it. Life is too short and you will never get this time back.