Tuesday, July 6, 2010


With summer happening around us...and goodness knows that summer in SC means HOT....it's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to update you on all things adoption and health-related.

Most importantly: ADOPTION

Remember when the guy from DHEC came and said we had lead paint in this here parsonage? Yeah, I know....I barely remember it! Well, he told us then that we would have to have a fancy company come and do extensive lead testing. He told us it would be a week or so before they called. It's been like 6 weeks...but, they finally called and on Thursday.....the fancy testing will commence. Most likely, the result will be that the child we adopt will have to be 7 or older. No biggie---after having the boys for a week, I believe that I. REST. MY. CASE. where Steve and Luke and their whole "we want a little person" are concerned!

So, that's where we are with that. Waiting on the health to work itself out before we go any further with the window that has to be replaced which is a post unto itself.


I went off of my bp meds about 2 weeks ago. My bp started creeping up last week....not bad, but bad enough that my heart was pounding and I just didn't feel that good. So, I got the prescription filled that the other man in my life right now....Dr. Godfrey.... gave me. I have actually felt great since I started taking it. My thoughts are that my platelets and white blood cells have to be reproducing because I have a lot more energy than I've had in months! It may be wishful thinking...but, I certainly hope not as I am not planning a bone marrow aspiration anytime soon! Those things are painful and they don't put you to sleep. I'd probably have a massive heart attack and die if they tried......so the other issues would be a mute point anyway! Better to just start reproducing, little cells.

Can I just ask for one thing? Can you pray for a couple I know, Steve and Deanna, who just received some devastating news? Steve is 46. They have 4 kids (8-18) and he was just diagnosed with colon cancer. Without a miracle, he's probably not going to make it. Whether God chooses to provide a miracle or not; He alone knows what Deanna and the kids will need going forward. All we can do is pray that His peace swallow them up.

Okay, okay, one more thing.....Steve's (my Steve) mom is having a PET scan next Monday. We'll be there, but neither of his parents are in good health. There are some real issues that need to be resolved. Again, I can't ask for anything other than your prayers...........but prayers of righteous people bring about much good.....

So, those are my updates in a nutshell.

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  1. As always you have my prayers, Should also mention I keep praying we'll see each other before the two of us are in wheelchairs.