Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Who doesn't just love Vera Bradley. I know I do, and she's come out with some really nice colors for this Fall. Although, how many purses/bags/wallets does one gal need? I have many of her pieces and I love all of them. Some of the ones I have I got on ebay. Others, I found in stores having a sale. I can hardly bring myself to pay full price for a cloth bag. Something that will get dirty and dingy, and I have to wash--like I don't have enough laundry with 4 people to wash, dry, and fold for NOT to mention the times in the past couple of weeks that I have forgotten about said laundry and it spoiled in the washer!! BUT, I digress, and you don't really want to hear about my incompetent laundry habits (because I know you never do that!).

Anyway, as I was saying, I love Vera. She's having sale right now on several of her patterns-40% off-which is a great deal! I planned to purchase some stuff and then I saw how much the shipping was going to be. I. Hate. Paying. Shipping. It seriously takes the joy out of buying online for me. I think it's because I feel cheated--like does it really cost you that much to send out an itty, bitty bag? I know it does. I sell stuff on, and it costs me more than they pay me to ship sometimes! I know, I know, I'm off-topic AGAIN! Anyway, so I don't really feel like I got a bargain if I have to pay shipping. So, I reckon I'll look for a store and HOPE that they have what I want. I know, I know, I'll end up paying more in gas than I would have in shipping--it's a vicious cycle for me. I figure that at least I'll have fun going to the store if I start my Christmas shopping (yes, I said Christmas in September--get over it!) before the stores get too crowded.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, it's not the store crowds that drive me crazy, but the traffic and the stupid people who call themselves "driving" during that particular season. I digressed, again, I know!

Well, the point of this post (oh, you didn't think I had a point, did you?) is that Vera is having a sale and I just wanted to share that tidbit with ya!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Oh, how I miss the Fall. Moving back into the true south has really made me miss the days when we experience all 4 seasons. TN is probably the absolute best state for that and reading on FB all of my TN buddies talk about the weather has made me nostalgic for those days! I don't think SC truly experiences but 2 temperatures--hot and mildly hot. I haven't seen any colors of changing leaves-except those on my front door wreath--no sitting outside without being attacked by gnats/other unsavory flying objects that go directly for the mouth, moments--no light jacket weather AT ALL. I'm sad about that........I think I am going to have to take a drive up into the mountains just to get my fix! But, for now, these pictures I found on photobucket will have to do!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter delves into the secrets held Sabrina, a waitress, at a Nantucket diner. She feels unlovable after being left six days before her wedding by her fiance, and she runs off only to find an unlikely relationship through an internet chat site. Little does she know that the man whom she loves, also loves her and knows who she is! After being "hired" by Tucker to find the internet date of his dreams (Sabrina), the ruse continues until all is found out...even a secret that Sabrina thought was too horrible for her to face.

This book was predictable from the first page until the last. I thought the plot and characters were shallow, and they left me wanting something more from them. In an effort to provide mystery, the author attempts to suppress secrets from the reader in hopes that they will be riveted by the story. It doesn't happen because all secrets are let out of the bag too early within the book, and the ending unrealistically and quickly ties everything into a neat little bow. The only conflict for me in this book was whether or not to continue reading it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

information literacy wordle

title="Wordle: information literacy"> src=""
alt="Wordle: information literacy"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

This is a "wordle" (which I love, I have told you guys about these before!) that I did as my definition to information literacy. Check it out!! (just click on the link above and it comes right up and then you can make your own.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I wrote a post, and attempted to post some pics with it because the post by itself wouldn't make sense, you see. Alas, blogger is messing with me again and won't let me post the pics! So, I'll be back later to see if it's ready to play nice!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

living with diabetes and other stuff

Well, after the initial shock, we are making it. Steve is doing remarkably well with everything that has been thrown his way. Continue to pray for him, of course, but he is really losing the weight and we haven't even seen the dietician yet--that comes on Monday. I, on the other hand, am a stress eater and I guess this has upset me more than I would have thought because I have been eating like there's about to be a famine. Of course, if I continue to eat, there may well be a famine for the rest of you!

Luke's acting classes are going really well. He absolutely loves them, and I cannot wait for the play that they are putting on. He is bugging me about calling a guitar teacher that one of his friends goes to, so I guess I am going to have to cave. Of course, that means that I will have to buy a guitar. He brought home an order form today for a "spirit ring". WTH??? is up with that? Jostens doesn't get enough money from the high school parents, so now they have taken to selling basically class rings to the middle school. So, there goes a hundred bucks. AND for all of you naysayers (yes, that means you, Billy) when it comes to your kids--you buy the stupid thing if that's what they want--and you know that you will (yes, that means you, Billy because you know that Tracy will!!). Honestly, though, I don't mind. I like that he feels a part of his school that he wants to take pride in it and wear their colors. This will be like a test run for the real thing, and maybe he will know if he REALLY wants one then (b/c they get MUCH more expensive!). He is also going to be in the SEAGUL program which is for kids who need to be challenged. He challenged me on this one, but I just told him too bad!

Stevie still loves school. I know she wants to move to Charleston soon, and I hope that works out for her. Pray that the money will become available for that when the timing is right. She loves, loves, loves it :) NEVER thought I would say that about her!

Shea's making changes, PTL. You can read about those on her blog although she hasn't really posted them yet. She has alluded to them........I know what they are, but I ain't saying!!

Overall, we are living large and loving loud around here. It doesn't get much better :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my favorite verse

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” (Psalm 91:1-2)

This verse brings comfort and joy to me. I memorized it a couple of years ago and repeated it to myself over and over when we were in some of our darkest hours in the ministry. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs......

We all need sheltering trees

Friends in our lives who get down on their knees

Lift us up before the King of Kings

We all need sheltering trees

I never can remember who sings this, but love the message it sends. If you need a "sheltering tree", I'll be there.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


These are images from people on Facebook. All of these are in the area I taught in Atlanta.

Monday, September 21, 2009

social networking

Social hear a ton about it, but what does it actually mean in our world? I had no idea what it was or what web 2.0 was or any other web-type thing was until I started my master's program. The problem is, the more I learn, the more overwhelmed I become!

I have to write a paper on some type of technology and the classroom/media center (formerly known as a library!). I chose social networking because I have been hearing so much about it. My most basic question is: What is it? It's amazing all that it entails.........blogs, wikis, facebook, twitter,, and the list goes on and on. I then discovered that we should have a "personal learning network". What???? Here's mine..........I don't appear to be learning much! Then, there's the whole possibility of using texting as a teaching tool. Whew........who knew?

So,I sent out the call to my facebook friends who are currently teachers or media specialists (formerly known as librarians) to answer some basic questions about this social networking and how we should use it in the school, if at all.

Tell me, what do you think???????

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dawgs win! Dawgs win!

Another hard-fought game. Man, do they have to make each Saturday such a nail-biter? I swear I think the coach was having a heart attack, the way he was holding his chest!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

an underdog

Who doesn't root for the underdog? I certainly do, and this year on America's Got Talent........and no, I am not talking about the horndog also known as Hoff...........we had a guy from Mayfield, KY who beat them all.

Kevin Skinner, of course. When we lived in KY, our church was in Graves county which is where Mayfield is located. We were so happy that he won and that the people of Graves county had someone to be so proud of. He was so country that first night on the show that the judges were making fun of him which was really just rude, and I am sure for the cameras.They probably knew he could sing all along, but wanted to make him seem like a male version of Susan Boyle.

Only, unlike Susan, he actually won and probably won't have a nervous breakdown! Good luck, Kevin! I wish you well.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Could there be a better place to eat bbq? I think not! We have lived in several states, and let me assure you that "foreign" bbq is a hardship. Nobody, but NOBODY does it like this place, and you can't get hash and rice to save your life! Where do you think they buy that bread? It's the freshest in the land, and I don't even eat white bread.

In TN, they eat slaw on their bbq have to ask them not to put it on there. Who does that? ewww They also slather it in vinegar..............GROSS................

In KY, it just isn't that good. Although, Paducah does have it's annual BBQ on the River festival and you can generally find something that you like because people come from all over for the contest and bragging rights. There's some good 'ol boys up there that make bbq nachos that are quite yummy............just take some antacid with you when you go!

South Carolina bbq isn't so bad, they use a mustard-based sauce that is pretty darn good. However, the hash leaves much to be desired.

All-in-all, if you want to experience a truly fine dining experience to Sconyers in Augusta, GA you must go :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lonestar secrets- a book review

Lonestar Secrets by Colleen Coble takes you to a ranch in the Lonestar state. There's mystery and intrigue; romance and cowboys; as well as secrets and lies. You will find yourself caught up in the story from the first word until the last. I had a hard time putting it down.

Enter Shannon Astor as the new veterinarian coming back to her childhood home which was not filled with happy memories. She hopes to begin again with her daughter providing for her the kinds of childhood she, herself, did not have. Shannon instantly encounters the man, Jack McGowan, who ruined her life in high school. Despite the dislike, Shannon finds herself intertwined with Jack in a way that she never could have imagined.

Amidst all of that drama, Shannon's friend, Mary Beth, has gotten herself into trouble. With Mary Beth's trouble comes more trouble for Shannon who has someone threatening her and those she loves. With all that has to be sorted out, those involved must choose whom to believe and where their loyalties lie.

While the plot line is predictable for a Christian romance novel, this is an easy read that will keep you entertained. After reading, your loyalties are sure to lie with Colleen Coble.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bad news

We got some bad news today that we are still trying to process. Steve went to the DR. a couple of weeks ago for what he thought would be a routine check-up. Turned out he had some chemical levels that looked iffy, so the doc sent him to get some blood work. Those levels came back bad, but even worse, he found out that he is diabetic. Now, I know that lots and lots of people have diabetes and do fine. Of course, that's what we hope for him, but we also know a lot of people who aren't doing so fine and I believe that is why we are a little freaked out.

The doc told him that if he lost a significant amount of weight and exercised quite a bit that it can probably be controlled without medical intervention. As it is right now, he is on a pill that he takes twice a day. If that doesn't work, then he will have to take insulin.

So, if you have any knowledge or suggestions that make help us make the changes we need to make, we'd love to hear them! Also, I covet your prayers as this has truly thrown him for a loop.

The other issue still has to be dealt with, but we can't deal with that until the blood sugar is regulated. He is bound to be a bear (and we ALL know how men are!) so, please think good thoughts and pray really hard that I won't lose patience with him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

books vs. technology

Here's the question: What should libraries focus on?

When I first started back to school to be a media specialist, I did so with my love of books held staunchly in my arms. I just knew that I would be able to share that love with students and help teachers pass it into their classrooms.

Boy, oh, boy was I WRONG! Yes, books are still important, but they aren't really what the library is all about now. It's not technically called a library anymore, but a media center! I generally log out of my classes feeling completely overwhelmed and wondering if I just wasted a ton of money to get a degree that isn't what I thought it would be.

I can't wrap my head around the idea that a kindle can be cuddled up with like a good book. OR that the internet pretty much wipes out the need for encyclopedias.

I love technology, and there is so much that can be done with it to enhance learning. There's so many new toys to put in our classrooms that can enhance learning, BUT what about the costs? First of all, can we truly afford these new toys when we are furloughing teachers? I mean, Georgia teachers have been furloughed for three days this year, and South Carolina teachers for five days. How can we justify spending for smartboards and accessories when the basic need (teachers) is being eliminated from the classroom?

Aside from the money issues, what about the costs to our students if we, in fact, remove books from their world? Can we really afford to have the stories of our past be taken out of our children's world?

What do you think?

Friday, September 11, 2009

panic attacks

Panic attacks can strike at anytime, anyone, and anywhere. They also manifest themselves differently in different people. I use to suffer from these really bad about 20 or so years ago, but finally got them under control and haven't had to deal with them for some time---until last night.

I awoke from a sound sleep in a full-blown panic. Even after I got fully awake, I still had the shakes for over an hour. Why?? I have no idea. I have a few ideas............

Could it be that I spent several hours with a family who lost their patriarch and that brought back memories?

Could it be that I am really struggling to get back on my food plan after getting off and I know how desperately I must lose this weight?

Could it be that I am finally facing the reality that my kids are moving on (although this thought has always been exciting to me)?

Could it be that I have been thinking a lot about going back to work and this doesn't seem a reality for me?

I have no idea................. I do know that I don't like it. I like feeling in control, and therein lies the biggest issue for me. I. LIKE. CONTROL! However, we can't always control everything we would like.

Maybe God is using this to remind me that HE is the one in control. I just have to trust Him. I don't have to be a slave to I am choosing today to instead fear the One who loves me.

For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out, " Abba , Father!" Romans 8:15

Thursday, September 10, 2009

time traveler's wife- a movie review

The girls and I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife today. Not so good. Actually, boring! This movie ranked right up there with Hunt for Red October for me which is the only time I have ever fallen asleep in a movie.
I didn't understand most of what was happening today. This guy is in a car accident with him mom when he is 6 years old. He hits his head, and all of a sudden, he has a genetic anomaly. WHAT???

Whenever he travels, he winds up somewhere naked. WHAT??? Why is he naked? He then has to sneak around and break in somewhere to find some clothes. One time, he ended up in a cage at the zoo.

The movie never really explains what causes the traveling to happen (it does mention tv), it just happens. What is the point in the traveling. He doesn't do anything when he travels, he just shows up randomly. He made a comment that he had watched the car accident hundreds of time, but he can't save his mom. So why is he watching it? Don't you think that if someone travels through time there should be a point? Shouldn't he at least learn something?

The movie was BAD!! Don't waste your money unless you really need a nap.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

search engines

As you know, I am working on my master's in instructional technology which basically means that I can be a media specialist in a public school setting. Also means that I can teach about technology and how to do cool stuff with it. Each time I set out to do school work, I learn something new that freaks me out because I feel overwhelmed! There is so much out there that I don't know about technology not to mention how to use it. Today, one of the exercises was using various search engines. I found some cool ones, and I thought my teacher friends might be interested!


Carol Hurst (This one is more of a literature site than a search engine)

Kathy Schrock


Librarians' Internet Index

Mamma Metasearch

Noodletools (You gotta love that name!)

I hope these help you in your classroom or at home with your own kids. I know that I plan to share them with Luke when he needs to find something for school. Google is fine, but it can take you to never-neverland sometimes and you can get bogged down in all that it has to offer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

design star

Down to the final two.....Dan and Antonio. Lonnie got sent home last night. They each got to design rooms for celebrities, and that was cool.
Dan designed a nursery for Jason Priestly and his wife who are expecting (or I guess by now--has already arrived) a new little boy. The room was gorgeous. He put original artwork in the room and did this mobile thing from the ceiling that was very interesting. Af first, I was afraid for him because his wall color seemed a little off-putting, but boy did he pull it together. He is a really talented guy, and my favorite to win (since Tori went home last week).

Antonio designed an office for Kathy Griffin. It was cool, but I don't know if it was anything special. It honestly looked like something I could have put together with thirty thousand dollars. The judges complimented his color choices by saying they were "edgy" and "hip". My sister-in-law painted her office that same purple color two years, here's to you, Tracy, maybe you should go on that show!

Lonnie designed a guest room for Tiffani Thiessan and her husband which I liked very much. I think the reason they sent her home is that three weeks in a row she has designed a focal wall. Come on....they told you last week not to do that again! Also, the headboard that she purchased, which was beautiful, by the way, didn't get put up. Her whole room was eco-friendly and the color palette was calming.

So, next week is the finale. I hope you didn't choke, Dan!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

life in the parsonage

Life has been hectic of late- hence the lack of postings. Two people died, sacks of love started, one person had surgery in Charleston, lock-ins, lock-outs, and squeezing out every possible activity with the minutes available.

This week has wreaked havoc on our new eating style, and we are hoping to get back on program today............hopefully, with no more strays at least this week!

I feel like we have run a marathon over the last several days...............BUT today is GAME DAY.......which means that ALL activity stops and football happens! Yeah :)

Tomorrow, we are off and running again, and maybe Wednesday, I can breathe. Although, at some point I have to take the time to really ramp up on the school front, I have (hopefully) an interview at the local Montesorri school, and my hair is beginning to resemble that of a tri-colored shit-zu so I must get it colored and cut. WHEW...................

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mac vs. pc

We went looking at computers yesterday because our laptap (that we purchased in Jan.) has died. It got infected with a virus, and we are having to get it fixed. You all know how I feel about the pc that I am typing on now! haha

Luke became fascinated with the Mac in Best Buy. The thing is nice, but it's pricey. We could (not that we are going to) purchase three pcs for the price of that one mac. And price is a big issue!