Saturday, September 19, 2009

an underdog

Who doesn't root for the underdog? I certainly do, and this year on America's Got Talent........and no, I am not talking about the horndog also known as Hoff...........we had a guy from Mayfield, KY who beat them all.

Kevin Skinner, of course. When we lived in KY, our church was in Graves county which is where Mayfield is located. We were so happy that he won and that the people of Graves county had someone to be so proud of. He was so country that first night on the show that the judges were making fun of him which was really just rude, and I am sure for the cameras.They probably knew he could sing all along, but wanted to make him seem like a male version of Susan Boyle.

Only, unlike Susan, he actually won and probably won't have a nervous breakdown! Good luck, Kevin! I wish you well.

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