Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lonestar secrets- a book review

Lonestar Secrets by Colleen Coble takes you to a ranch in the Lonestar state. There's mystery and intrigue; romance and cowboys; as well as secrets and lies. You will find yourself caught up in the story from the first word until the last. I had a hard time putting it down.

Enter Shannon Astor as the new veterinarian coming back to her childhood home which was not filled with happy memories. She hopes to begin again with her daughter providing for her the kinds of childhood she, herself, did not have. Shannon instantly encounters the man, Jack McGowan, who ruined her life in high school. Despite the dislike, Shannon finds herself intertwined with Jack in a way that she never could have imagined.

Amidst all of that drama, Shannon's friend, Mary Beth, has gotten herself into trouble. With Mary Beth's trouble comes more trouble for Shannon who has someone threatening her and those she loves. With all that has to be sorted out, those involved must choose whom to believe and where their loyalties lie.

While the plot line is predictable for a Christian romance novel, this is an easy read that will keep you entertained. After reading, your loyalties are sure to lie with Colleen Coble.

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