Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mac vs. pc

We went looking at computers yesterday because our laptap (that we purchased in Jan.) has died. It got infected with a virus, and we are having to get it fixed. You all know how I feel about the pc that I am typing on now! haha

Luke became fascinated with the Mac in Best Buy. The thing is nice, but it's pricey. We could (not that we are going to) purchase three pcs for the price of that one mac. And price is a big issue!



  1. I love my Mac and have had no problems with it in the 2 or 3 years I've had it. Make sure to buy Apple Care if you get one bc if something does go wrong it will be really expensive if you don't have apple care (or so i've heard. i've never had anything mess up.) Macs take some getting used to but are super easy to use.

  2. Macs are the only computer we'll buy, been using them since the early 90's. Bought Mac a cheap Dell and will never, never, never, never do that again.
    Macs don't break down, they just get old dated. We have 2 old ones upstairs that have nothing wrong with them except age. We never buy the Apple Care and have never needed it.
    Macs are incredibly easy to use, as a rule don't catch virus's and are worth the money.

  3. macs CANNOT get viruses. they just cant. i would have rather had a mac myself, but, like you, i couldnt afford one. basically, you can spend the money all at once on one laptop, or you can eventually spend the same amount of money on several laptops. if i were you, i would keep that laptop to myself. thats an expensive piece of machinery that i wouldnt want ruined by spilled milk!!