Thursday, September 24, 2009

living with diabetes and other stuff

Well, after the initial shock, we are making it. Steve is doing remarkably well with everything that has been thrown his way. Continue to pray for him, of course, but he is really losing the weight and we haven't even seen the dietician yet--that comes on Monday. I, on the other hand, am a stress eater and I guess this has upset me more than I would have thought because I have been eating like there's about to be a famine. Of course, if I continue to eat, there may well be a famine for the rest of you!

Luke's acting classes are going really well. He absolutely loves them, and I cannot wait for the play that they are putting on. He is bugging me about calling a guitar teacher that one of his friends goes to, so I guess I am going to have to cave. Of course, that means that I will have to buy a guitar. He brought home an order form today for a "spirit ring". WTH??? is up with that? Jostens doesn't get enough money from the high school parents, so now they have taken to selling basically class rings to the middle school. So, there goes a hundred bucks. AND for all of you naysayers (yes, that means you, Billy) when it comes to your kids--you buy the stupid thing if that's what they want--and you know that you will (yes, that means you, Billy because you know that Tracy will!!). Honestly, though, I don't mind. I like that he feels a part of his school that he wants to take pride in it and wear their colors. This will be like a test run for the real thing, and maybe he will know if he REALLY wants one then (b/c they get MUCH more expensive!). He is also going to be in the SEAGUL program which is for kids who need to be challenged. He challenged me on this one, but I just told him too bad!

Stevie still loves school. I know she wants to move to Charleston soon, and I hope that works out for her. Pray that the money will become available for that when the timing is right. She loves, loves, loves it :) NEVER thought I would say that about her!

Shea's making changes, PTL. You can read about those on her blog although she hasn't really posted them yet. She has alluded to them........I know what they are, but I ain't saying!!

Overall, we are living large and loving loud around here. It doesn't get much better :)

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