Thursday, September 17, 2009


Could there be a better place to eat bbq? I think not! We have lived in several states, and let me assure you that "foreign" bbq is a hardship. Nobody, but NOBODY does it like this place, and you can't get hash and rice to save your life! Where do you think they buy that bread? It's the freshest in the land, and I don't even eat white bread.

In TN, they eat slaw on their bbq have to ask them not to put it on there. Who does that? ewww They also slather it in vinegar..............GROSS................

In KY, it just isn't that good. Although, Paducah does have it's annual BBQ on the River festival and you can generally find something that you like because people come from all over for the contest and bragging rights. There's some good 'ol boys up there that make bbq nachos that are quite yummy............just take some antacid with you when you go!

South Carolina bbq isn't so bad, they use a mustard-based sauce that is pretty darn good. However, the hash leaves much to be desired.

All-in-all, if you want to experience a truly fine dining experience to Sconyers in Augusta, GA you must go :)

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