Monday, September 7, 2009

design star

Down to the final two.....Dan and Antonio. Lonnie got sent home last night. They each got to design rooms for celebrities, and that was cool.
Dan designed a nursery for Jason Priestly and his wife who are expecting (or I guess by now--has already arrived) a new little boy. The room was gorgeous. He put original artwork in the room and did this mobile thing from the ceiling that was very interesting. Af first, I was afraid for him because his wall color seemed a little off-putting, but boy did he pull it together. He is a really talented guy, and my favorite to win (since Tori went home last week).

Antonio designed an office for Kathy Griffin. It was cool, but I don't know if it was anything special. It honestly looked like something I could have put together with thirty thousand dollars. The judges complimented his color choices by saying they were "edgy" and "hip". My sister-in-law painted her office that same purple color two years, here's to you, Tracy, maybe you should go on that show!

Lonnie designed a guest room for Tiffani Thiessan and her husband which I liked very much. I think the reason they sent her home is that three weeks in a row she has designed a focal wall. Come on....they told you last week not to do that again! Also, the headboard that she purchased, which was beautiful, by the way, didn't get put up. Her whole room was eco-friendly and the color palette was calming.

So, next week is the finale. I hope you didn't choke, Dan!

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