Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I told y'all weeks ago that I was getting new glasses and that I had to have bifocals. Well, I've needed those for a while but was simply too vain to admit it :)

Well, I have JUST the place for you if you are ever in the market. A friend of Steve's told me about this site, and once I visited it for myself, I couldn't contain myself!

Here's the first pair that I ordered. They are shown here as sunglasses, but I ordered them without the tint. I love the sides of them:

Now, they are a little larger on my face than I would have liked, although everyone says they look fine. You know how that is, though......people don't want to hurt your feelings and all. I really don't care, though, because I CAN SEE!!

But, wait! I haven't told you the best part! The frames and the progressive lenses TOGETHER
only cost me......


Can you believe that?????

Here's a picture of the second pair I ordered which I haven't received yet. However, this time, I measured and paid attention to what I was buying (the first time I was so excited about the price that I totally didn't pay attention to the measurements of the frame hence the largeness of them). This pair should be smaller.................

This pair was a little more expensive, but I didn't care....I splurged.....these only cost me....


$65 That's right folks!!

I know......Amazing.

Check out this site if you are in need of contacts, and you need your prescription, but well worth the money! The quality is great.....I think I'm going to order one more pair because there were so many frame choices......and REALLY.......for that price I can have a pair to match every outfit!

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