Tuesday, June 15, 2010

david platt

I was excited when I heard that David Platt was speaking at the pastor's conference tonight. Not because I had ever heard of him or of his church, but because his book, Radical, has been getting so much good press. I've read comment after comment on how the book is changing the way people think about the Great Commission.
David was the final speaker tonight, and the conference was running late so I was really afraid that I was going to be sooooooo sleepy I wouldn't enjoy it. Al Mohler started the evening service, and y'all, that man is so smart he seriously needs to dumb it down for those like me! However, the evening got wound up when Andy Stanley spoke and then it was time for David.
I've not read his book, mind you, I have a little companion book that I got for free, but I've heard that it is about doing something BIG for God and that means making big changes in the way we do things and how we do things.

Can I just say that the man had Jesus leaking out of his pores? He has such a passion for the lost. He did scare me at one point when he said, "When I am asked if an innocent African man would go to Heaven even though he has never heard the gospel, I say yes, he would." Well, I thought Steve was going to get up and leave right then. But, he came back around and said, "There is no innocent man." Whew.....I dodged a bullet! I figured I'd be sitting there alone while the rest of my clan was at Denny's feasting on pancakes!

Seriously, though, Jesus was in that place tonight. David's messaged asked an important question...."What are you willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom?" I use to think I had already sacrificed everything, but alas, I haven't and God was pretty open with me about that tonight. Can I give up my worldly dreams to make sure that everyone....all 6,000 plus people groups who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus, hears about His love? Wow....food for thought!

There was a lot of good stuff today.....The Watoto Children's Choir.....Travis Cottrell....the adoption message by Russ Moore.....the funding of one minister's adoption....God is at work in Orlando. I hope that we, the messengers and powers that be, don't squash Him tomorrow with "THE VOTE".

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