Tuesday, June 29, 2010

vbs: day 2

Tonight focused on the special abilities that God gave to Joseph. This first picture finds the first family looking for Joseph in prison, but the guard tells them that he is no longer there....he was called to the palace!

Joseph looks very different now that he is royalty! Look at that make-up.

Ms. Janet is helping Jack get into character with his fancy headband!

We like to always have an opportunity for missions, so Ms. Thelma and Ms. Clara help the children make blankets that will be given to needy kids.


  1. Um, why is Jack wearing the SAME shirt he wore on Day 1??? Hello, I packed practically his entire closet. He has options ya know!!!!! Sheesh.

  2. Ha! You caught me, I think some of those photos were actually from day 1. I copied them off facebook. I have new ones, I just haven't dumped them off the card yet.