Tuesday, June 15, 2010

news from the sbc

For my SBC friends who opted to opt out of the craziness also known as "The GCR Task Force", I don't want you to feel left out so I have come to rescue you with my tidbits of information:

Let me preface this with saying,
1. I was not the smartest one in the room....and I am okay with that.
2. I did not understand what the BIG deal was and I am okay with that, too because I really think a lot of those in attendance felt the same way.

Okay, my report on the first day of business:

This morning was boring with the exception of the crazy man who EVERY stinkin year brings forth the motion that we should adopt some new-type flag as the Christian flag. He obviously owns the patent of this new-fangled one, and doesn't seem to get that people are laughing....AT HIM! It's no longer amusing, it's just sad.

The Minister's Wives Luncheon was fine. The speaker, Jackie Kendall, was great! She was funny and engaging, she just didn't have enough time to speak. I plan to purchase a DVD so I can get the full effect. I want to share her! I really want to be her BFF, she is so funny. I think we'd be great together. We always get a bag of loot, but this year's loot wasn't as good as years past. However, we women love anything free (and Jackie raised money to purchase a book for everyone in attendance) so I took my bag and was proud to have it! The food? Not so much...for me, but I am really picky about textures of food so I am not a good judge of that. For $10, it's a great deal. Honestly, I'd pay that just to hear the speaker.

The afternoon session....here's where the excitement started. The place was packed...almost 11,000 messengers. Morris Chapman (he retired, ya know) spanked the GCR task force for what he considered a job NOT well done. I won't go into all of it, but suffice it to say...I don't think he'll ever be asked back to speak...and I think he's okay with that! The discussion about their report lasted way too long. I mean, do we really need to argue about the Great Commission? BORING! The report passed.....about 60%-40%, which means that we've created a divide. I hope it's worth it.
The thing that drives me crazy about the task force is that I don't really think megachurch pastors and their relatives truly understand the problems things like this cause for smaller church pastors. But, that is another post for another day b/c I can seriously get on a rant about that...and I will, but not right now!

Dr. Bryant Wright from Atlanta was voted in as president of the SBC. That's who I voted for...although I think the "powers that be" wanted that Traylor guy....I wouldn't have cared about that except that he annoyed me on Sunday night when he spoke of witnessing to an "African American" boy on an airplane. What difference did it make that the boy was black? Did that make witnessing to him special? All races and colors need Jesus. So, for that reason alone, I gave my vote to Wright. I know, I know, I shouldn't be so easily annoyed. I can't stand it when people brag about what they do instead of giving God the credit for what He does. He simply uses us, we are His vessels, and I honestly don't think bragging about it is included in the Great Commission.

So, in a serious nutshell, but really giving you more than you wanted to know....that was our day!

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