Monday, May 31, 2010

adoption update

I totally understand now why there is a shortage of adoptive parents. I am sure that they just get frustrated with an unjust system. Once a child has been removed and permanently separated from his/her parents, shouldn't the system try to find the best possible home? Unfortunately, they dwell on the insignificant.

I believe I mentioned that DHEC came and there is lead at the parsonage. OK, I can deal with that. Send the people out to test it, and move on.

Last week, we had our pre-fire inspection. I truly thought this would be a no-brainer since we had gone through the list sent beforehand and checked it more than once. However, one window in the child's bedroom has to have an opening of 5 square feet. No problem, I thought. Boy, was I wrong. We have NEW windows in this parsonage. They are straight from the Lowe's.......and then to our people. Do you know that even though we have windows that can be completely removed, that is not good enough? So, in order to adopt while living in the parsonage we will have to replace one of the windows with a casement the tune of about $250. AND, that's only IF the church people allow us to do that!

Here's the rub. There's nothing wrong with the windows that we have. The fire marshall has commanded a code that I would gander MOST homes do not pass. There's no way. So, while children want mommies and daddies here in SC, those of us who wish to adopt them can't because our windows aren't the "right" size. Ridiculous!

So, I totally get why people steer clear of domestic adoption. We impose rules on good people while truly horrible people do awful things to kids and get away with it.

Rant over.


  1. Patty, I'm sorry to hear about your adoption problems, but that's why so many people adopt overseas.
    Here in Georgia they not only make it hard to adopt a child, they make it almost impossible to adopt a pet their regulations are so strict.

  2. I am so sorry this is such a frustrating experience. My hubby and I have talked about possibly adopting in the future, but honestly, I know we would probably not pass all of the evaluations. How scary for our 3 kids, huh?!?!

    Praying for you this week that God will open doors (and windows!) for you.