Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Right To Lead by John Maxwell

I like John Maxwell. It is very obvious that he has a powerful ability to get across thoughts in a cohesive and engaging way so that the reader feels like the information is entirely new and certainly relevant. This newest book, The Right to Lead, is not a disappointment. It is a small, gift-sized book that while great for a gift, is also wonderful for anyone who chooses to purchase and read it for himself. John uses leaders that we are familiar with to make his points and get across the correct way to lead others.
This little book is one that would be useful to people in all areas of leadership. I gave my copy to my husband, a pastor, who is also a Maxwell fan. There are many politicians who could benefit from reading this one. I plan to purchase another couple to give to some school leaders who might benefit from some encouragement as well.

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