Monday, May 17, 2010

good grief!

I can't hardly say that without conjuring up a picture of Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. I love Charlie Brown, and some days I feel like him!

We must be on the cusp of something BIG, either personally or spiritually.......something that God really, really wants because Satan, he is attacking.

He knows our most vulnerable areas to send his darts, and right now he is working overtime trying to hit my mark. I am trying to dodge all of those arrows he's sending my way and not let him hit the bulls-eye, but merciful heavens, it is tough.

We had a wonderful weekend with friends. We had a fabulous Sunday as well until about 10 pm. Luke went to bed and about 20 minutes later came into the tv room (where I was trying, unsuccessfully due to satellite issues) to watch the last hour of Survivor and the season finale of Brothers and Sisters. He was upset, holding his chest, having a hard time breathing, and complaining of the area between his shoulder blades hurting. Well, I don't know about in your house, but I really like for the people in my house to BREATHE. So, since he scared me to death, we took him to the emergency room--along with about 900 other people--and waited through something scary where the police were called--until about 3 hours later they told us he has pneumonia. WHAT?? It came on him in like 10 minutes! But, alas, there it was. So, they sent us home with medicine and the hope that he would feel better soon. Fun times!

Finally made it home and to bed only to have to get up a few, too short hours later since, not being clairvoyant, I had made my own doctor's appointment for 7:30. My doctor told me that my labs looked a little better, and we would re-check them in 2 weeks. Maybe we are going in the right direction with that. Unfortunately, he will not sign the adoption paper until we have this little issue figured out or it fixes itself so that is still up in the air!

We did complete our 2nd adoption class on Saturday and it wasn't quite as boring as the first one. We also have our pre-fire inspection next Tuesday to make sure we are ready for the "real" fire inspection. So, we are on schedule with that for now.

Back to satan and his evil plan, though. I hope he knows that my God is bigger and I have NO problem letting him fight this battle for me. He's glad to do why not let him?

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  1. Hi Patty-
    Thanks for the comment, "we must be on the cusp of something big"- we are going through an attack now too and your words really encouraged me!