Monday, May 10, 2010

a recap or is that a kneecap?


I thought when I finished school life would slow down. Not so! We've had an adventurous week.

Unbelievably it is almost VBS time, so we had another meeting to prepare our "family leaders" for their role this year. We are doing Group's Bible times theme (which we've done at another church before) and while I am very excited for our folks to experience this, I'm a little nervous about it, too. They aren't too sure about it yet, so it's going to be an adventure. I promise you, though, it is the easiest and most meaningful VBS I have ever been a part of! Love, love, love it.

Steve had the privilege of preaching out at Harmony BC for their senior citizens luncheon. I thought it was going to be like ours with just a few people, but there were like 100 people there. For lunch! We had a yummy fish fry and let me just man can PREACH! This prompted us to be on the lookout for a recorder that will allow me to create podcasts of his sermons so all of you good folks can be blessed by him even if you can't eat the yummy fish.

I had to have some blood work done, and Steve had his physical for the adoption on Thursday. He is doing so well with his diabetes. It is practically managing itself now! He does have one other problem that the doc thinks is easily fixed. I go back this Thursday for my physical and the results of said blood work. After that, all adoption paperwork will be done. After the 2nd class that we are attending this coming Saturday, we will be ready for the home study.

Thursday afternoon, while Luke was at his sax lesson, Stevie and I were wasting time at Burke's Outlet. When we hurried out of the store because we had lost track of the time and had to pick Luke up, I stepped off the curb and my knee started hurting. I had planned to insert a photo here of my kneecap, but I seriously think you might be scarred for life so I am refraining.

You're welcome.

Suffice it to say, it is still swollen and hurts. Not quite as bad, but walking is difficult. Glad I go back to the doc on Thurs.

Another sweet saint from our church passed away on Friday night so you can imagine where Steve and I were until the wee hours. That's the nice thing about having older kids now because I can actually go and minister when I feel needed.

Sunday brought about Mother's Day, but not a sermon on mothers. Steve just wasn't feeling it, but was instead feeling the Holy Spirit leading him in a whole other direction. He followed, and what followed is what I pray will be the start of something amazing at our church.

Today, Luke and I had eye exams. Why are glasses so expensive? or is it just that I have expensive taste? The frames I want before they bother to put lenses in them are $272. WHAT?? I may have to just find something cheaper. I don't think that is going to fit into my budget. Luke decided that he wants to wear glasses for awhile (they are becoming popular again in case you haven't noticed or you just aren't cool like that). He got some cool looking ones. He is budget-conscious!

People, in case you are wondering, this is important stuff! Just wanted to remind you in case you are now bored to tears and wish I'd just shut up.

Okay, then.


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  1. I love your title! But I hope your knee is feeling better. You must show us a pic of your cute, new glasses!