Sunday, May 9, 2010

motherhood-what does it mean?

I love picture books. They teach us lessons that we don't realize we are going to learn when we first pick them up. They lure us in with their beautiful illustrations and simplistic stories, but when you delve a little deeper they show you a whole new way to look at something important.

I think being a mom is pretty darned important, don't you? And, there are some books that don't necessarily talk about motherhood but demonstrate the self-sacrificing love that nobody but a MOM understands.

For example, The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. This book tells the story of a boy and a tree that he loves. The tree gives all that she has to the little boy as he grows up, and continues to give to him as an old man. Isn't that just like a MOM? We would give anything for our children....even our lives.

Mom, Mommy, Mother, matter what they call us, it's always sweet when we hear their little voices.

Making the most out of every situation.
Open arms.
Thanking God for the kids in my life.
Helping with homework.
Rather be YOUR mom than anyone else's...................Shea, Stevie, and Luke.

I count it ALL joy to be your mother. So, on this Mother's Day, let me say "I love you!!" to my kids. You make it all worthwhile.

Also, don't let us forget those without moms this year. One of our sweet members lost her mom last night. While the memories and knowing she is dancing with Jesus today will see her through, it will not make the pain any less.

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