Saturday, May 22, 2010

detailed account of nothingness

I thought when I finished school that things would settle down. Boy, was I wrong! I just realized that three weeks from today.....3 weeks......we leave on our first least I hope it is just the first and not the only one we get this summer! Going to Orlando for the convention. We love going to the convention. We don't like the politics and the good ole boy system that is alive and well in the SBC, but we like going and seeing people we generally only see when we are there. We also like meeting new people. I like the minister's wives luncheon, mainly because they give good gifts! It's a good time for Steve to get refreshed in his spirit as he gets to hear (sometimes, anyway) some good preaching that gets him fired up for another year. I like to people-watch. It's an adventure. The kids like Centrifuge and the exhibits.

Yesterday, we got a call from the DHEC inspector wanting to come out and do his part for the adoption to check on lead paint and such. We do have some lead issues, but someone else will come out and deal with those. He said that most of the time they recommend that a child under 7 not be placed in a home with lead. That's fine..........I keep telling my people that the child is older anyway.

Luke went to Carowinds today with the middle school band. He had a blast! I'm glad that the band teacher opted to take them. I don't really think she wanted to, but I hope she's glad she did, because I know the kids are! Thanks, Ms. Coker!!

We had family pictures made for our new church directory. Oh boy, were they BAD!!!!! I had to pick one out for the directory, and I tell you even the one I picked was horrible. Stevie summed it up nicely when she said, "Boy, we don't photograph well." I think she's right although I don't think the photographer was that great either. I seriously came home and looked at a snapshot that a photographer who attends our church took and it looked better than the one they wanted me to pay good money for! If you need family photos and you live near us, call Tammy Jeffers...........she'll hook you up. If you live in the Atlanta area, call Tracy Anderson. She's amazing, too and will be doing our next family shoot in the fall after adoption.

Strawberry season here is on its way, in it's honor we are taking our senior adult group to McLeods on Monday for our last wave of fresh strawberries. Peaches will be here soon! Yumm-o. We will head up there once or twice a week during that time. Gotta love those peach enchiladas.

Tonight, our women's group got together at Chili's for food, fun, and fellowship. Our group was small, but we had a wonderful time. Cannot wait until we can do it again! If you missed it, be sure you are there next time.

There's been a whole lotta boring going on as you can see from this detailed account of nothingness. Maybe, one day, hopefully, I will remember to take that infamous camera with me to things and get pictures. Luke did get his glasses, and I am going to definitely, maybe, hopefully this week, take a pic for you guys to see his handsome self!

Until then...........peace out!

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