Wednesday, May 19, 2010

purse swap

Back in April, our church hosted a purse swap. We had so much fun, and I wanted to share the idea with you! Each lady brings a purse that she wants to "swap". Then, you play a game kinda like dirty santa where the person with #1 chooses a purse from the table. The person with #2 can then steal the purse from #1 or choose from the table. We had like 30 people, and I wish I had broken us up into 2 groups just because it took about 2 hours to get through everyone, but we had so much fun!!

Here's N. and her mom, K. looking through the door prize that she won!!

Here's E. checking out a pink purse to see if she wants to steal from an unsuspecting soul (we just thought she was really sweet!!) LOL

Here I am with the little princesses explaining the musical chairs/purse swap they were going to do. Next time, we'll just let them be princesses and leave the purse swapping to the older folks! haha....they didn't quite get it.

Here's A. with her cute little princess self!

Here's M. and N. at the princess table. We provided crowns and wands for them as well as coloring sheets and crayons.

This was a wonderful opportunity for women of all ages to come together and have some food, fellowship, and laughter! Thanks to everyone who was great!

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