Monday, January 18, 2010

a birthday boy

Yesterday was Steve's birthday, and I failed to make a post about it. I have other things that I had planned to write today, but thought I should instead take a moment and mention a few things that I love about the birthday boy!!

1. his mad cooking skills
2. the way he yells at the tv when something happens during the GA game, and then doesn't get mad when the kids and I laugh at him
3. his love for all things godly
4. his love of pedicures (no, he doesn't get his toenails painted...that is where he draws the line!)
5. the fact that he will watch and laugh with me at The Bachelor
6. the fact that he would rather give than receive
7. the way he looks at me
8. the way he feels about Shea, Stevie, and Luke
9. that he is the calm one
10. people rarely get on his nerves

This is just 10, I could literally sit here all night and write--except that it's almost time for The Bachelor!

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