Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the preacher's wife

Over at The Preacher's Wife, there is a giveaway for her new book, Check out my book!

You can win a copy if you answer the question, "Are you on time for church?" That's a pretty simple one, right?

Anyway, I have read several books by or about preachers wives, and typically they are not so good. One in particular explained, in detail, how a good preacher's wife had several china tea sets and would have the ladies in the church over for tea. To that I say, yea right! I don't know of ANY pastor's wives who have the time for that or who are pretentious enough to do that.

I don't know Lisa McKay, the author of this book, but I do read her blog. Here's my hope, though. I hope that she doesn't become what so many of the pastor's wives whom I have encountered at the SBC turn in to. They think they are better than the little people. That annoys me every year when we go to the convention. The elitist we are not all suppose to be working toward a common goal. This is not politics, people, this is salvation......the kingdom. What they say is good, but their actions speak so much louder than their words. Their husbands aren't much better (or really, they're worse!) but, seriously, what makes them think they can offer anything to me? They've led a charmed ministry life. Seriously, walk in my shoes, and then tell me something!

Please, don't misunderstand, not all are like that. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to some of them speak about their ministry or just teach the Bible during those times when all of the minister's wives get together. And, that is my prayer for her. She seems so genuine on her blog. I'd like to meet her, I bet we'd be friends...we seem a lot alike. I just hope that her book is all that I want it to be. Practical, sensible, heart-felt advice or suggestions or encouragement---not platitudes or know-it-all foolishness.

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