Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am getting pretty darned tired of this word. Authentic. What does that really mean, anyway? Webster says this about it: not false or imitation

I have one question for all of those bloggers out there who say they are trying to be more authentic in what they write about: Really? I mean, let's be honest--and those who know me know that I am brutally honest--nobody is truly authentic on the world wide web. Sure, we share stuff about our lives, our families, our feelings; but nobody says everything they truly want to say or shares everything about everything.

I guess it bothers me because most whom I have read who have written on this topic act like it's a big deal or like they are doing readers a favor by being authentic. The blog belongs to you, so write what you want to write and say what you want to say and go on with your life. We aren't going to please everyone all of the time, and we shouldn't try!

Some of us who blog as a way of journaling our lives or who use blogging as a creative outlet (both of which are me), certainly need to be responsible in our writing. As a preacher's wife I don't write all that goes on in our home because we are already under a magnificent magnifying glass anyway.......why add fuel to the fire? I do, believe, however, if I have a topic that is waying on my heart, it is well within my right to post about it. If the reader doesn't like it, he/she can read somewhere else.

I know this seems random, but I sense the Lord working on something in me that may lead me to be more upfront and open in ways that I've never considered. It may just be that He wants to use my blog as a way of confronting problems that we all face and maybe I can help someone through; it may be nothing at all. Whatever it is, I intend to blog no differently. There, I said it, I don't think it's important or anyone else's business if I have a disagreement with my husband (since we rarely have those, I don't mind using that as an example!). Some things are meant to be private.................get over it!

This probably makes no sense to you, but at least I got it off my chest! Whew......if only it would take a couple of pounds of fat with it........................................ :o)

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