Sunday, January 24, 2010

proud mama

Sometimes, as moms, our kids do something that makes us go, "Way to go!" like pinning an opponent at a wrestling match or winning a part in a school play.

Sometimes, they do something that makes us smile that proud mama smile like taking up the offering without being asked or volunteering to help with a project.

But sometimes, and only sometimes, do they do something so jaw-dropping, that we can't think of words to express our pride. These are the moments that don't happen often, and that we rarely think about experiencing. These are the times when you can honestly say to yourself, "I done gooooooooooooooood!" knowing that truly it was the grace of God that allowed your kid to be so awesome.

I had this experience last week.

I had to go to Augusta to stay with our friend who has been so sick. (He's better now---thanks for asking!) Of course, while I was there, I was able to see Shea quite a bit. On Wednesday night she told me that she wanted to give me her tithe before I left so that I could bring it to the church. I didn't really think anything about it, figuring it was probably thirty bucks or so and no big deal.

What I should tell you before I go on is that Shea has moved part-time to Augusta, but is still traveling to Atlanta on the weekends to work until her transfer comes through. Luckily, one of the stores in Augusta is chomping at the bit for her to come there (actually, every store she spoke to wanted her) and they are pushing for the transfer to come through quickly (let's pray that happens). While all of this is going on, of course she isn't getting that many hours in Atlanta and her financial aid was held up due to a little snafu so she has to wait another two weeks before it comes through. So, money is extremely tight for her right now, and since her dad is a preacher (and not one of those mega-church preachers) with preacher pay; and I am not working, we haven't really been able to help her out financially so she's had to make it on her own.

With all of that being said, I hope you get the picture before I tell you the amazing, jaw-dropping thing she did.

When she went to get the money, she handed me a HUGE wad of cash. A HEAVY wad of cash. I couldn't believe it. Here was a girl, who last weekend lived in ATL with $12 to her name, handing me a wad of cash to give to the church for GOD's ministry. All-in-all, it was $752. Wow!

I cannot begin to tell you how proud of her I was. Of course, I also thought boy did I do good.....look at what I taught her.....we are such good parents! LOL

God quickly set me straight. In my gloating, he gently and quietly said, "But for MY grace, she wouldn't be doing this." Stopped my selfish, boastful, pride right in it's shoes. He did a good job. He taught her well. He is the best parent. If not for Him, where would any of us be? Dreadful human beings, that's where!

I gave my children to God a long time ago. I don't worry like a lot of people that I know that something is going to happen. I know who is in control, and boy did he show me.

I am so proud of all three of my children...........and in that quiet moment after God spoke, I thanked Him for them......all three of them, but especially that night, for the lessons He has taught Shea and how she has endured with amazing grace and clarity of God's purpose, I thanked God for her.

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