Saturday, January 9, 2010

the search is on

The job search, that is. I know I've been talking a lot about it, but now is the time of year when districts are at least beginning to think about who they will hire and who they will need for next year. I've been looking for job fairs and at district websites to see what's out there. I've been filling out countless applications, reference forms, and transcript requests. There seems to be a never-ending amount of hoops to jump through when one chooses to look for a teaching job. Each district wants basically the same information, but on a different form or in a different format. South Carolina, at least, is good in that they do have one central location for all of this stuff and most districts will just download the information from there. That certainly saves time and headaches!

Then, there's the added frustration of actually waiting to see if you will even get an interview, because believe you me, folks, the "good ole boy" system is alive and well! It is really who you know, NOT what you know that lands you a job. The only exception to that was when I got my job in Douglas County, and that, my friends, was a total God-thing!

I remind myself on a daily basis of my new mantra.............This is God's journey, and I am just along for the ride! I know He won't lead my astray and if a job is what He wants for me, then a job I will have. Amazingly, it will be just the job I need. That's always happened for me, that I have found myself in the jobs where He has needed me most.

But, until He decides to reveal that information to me, I must continue on the roller coaster on job-hunting............YUCK!! I'll keep you posted.

***********As a side note, Shea loves her classes! She even handled a snafu with her schedule without panic.............that, people, is another God-thang! :o)

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