Friday, January 29, 2010

44 things that make me happy

Today is my 44th birthday. So , in celebration, I am listing 44 random things that make me happy. I'm not including names of people I love, of course they make me happy:)

1. snuggling
2. staying in my cozy blue robe all day
3. cake (which, in case you didn't know, is my favorite food group!)
4. reading a picture book to a child
5. giving a random gift to someone
6. the zoo (just about any zoo will do)
7. cabins in the mountains
8. thin mint girl scout cookies
9. The Sound of Music
10. Mama Mia onstage
11. dancing
12. the smell of cinnamon
13. great conversations with friends
14. making new friends
15. watching someone get baptized
16. seeing restoration of lives happen
17. vacation Bible school
18. monogrammed jewelry
19. monogrammed purses
20. okay, okay, anything monogrammed
21. Purex detergent sheets
22. flip-flops, especially yellow box ones
23. Hallmark stores (especially our local one)
24. a good book
25. roaring fire in the fireplace
26. new car smell
27. although, a new car would make me really happy right now!
28. going to the movies
29. tender white popcorn by Orville
30. a new pen
31. freshly sharpened pencils
32. freshly cut grass
33. tulips
34. gerbera daisies
35. bubble baths
36. watching the underdog (especially at the Olympics) win
37. the Olympics
38. pomp and circumstance
39. pedicures
40. Bath and Body Works lotion--in the tube, not the bottle
41. candles
42. pictures-I really like the ones taken by my s-i-l although, I don't think she likes photographing our family--we don't photograph well
43. losing weight---9.4 pounds so far, thank you very much!
44. a massage from my fav masseuse!

So, there you have it. I'm simple and easy to please..............What about you??

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