Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 in 2010

Here's my top 10 list for 2010:

1. Lose 50 pounds....yes, I know I need to lose more, but hey, gotta start somewhere : )

2. Get a job...and not just any job! I want my own library, but I'll settle for my own classroom.

3. GRADUATE.....on target for May, 2010 but it ain't gonna be easy.

4. Become an affiliate Secret Agent........remember that website? Although, I am thinking about branching out on my own with a different "secret" name and infusing some Jesus into it.

5. Make 6 new friends.....I need some local friends, people...........

6. Read the Bible more. Yea, I know you think the resident PW sits and reads it ALL the time, but I am just like you........sometimes LIFE gets in the way! The truth ain't always pretty.

7. Go and visit all of those Facebook friends that I've reconnected with............yes, that means you, Janet!! Can't wait to see some of them in TN this month!!

8. Collect a ton of change in my Christmas jar.....which I am already looking forward to giving away.

9. Give more of my time away........I'm pretty selfish with it, and I know others really need it more.

10. Take a 20th anniversary trip with my husband without letting anything get in the way. (easier said than done!)


  1. Can't wait to see you, sure hope you guys aren't as cold as we are down here.

  2. We have a lot more in common than one might think. First 2 strike home base. 3rd one I've already accomplished,except that it was only a BS, and YES YOU CAN DO IT!!! And you will be sooooo PROUDDDD of yourself when you do, and rightfully so...GO PATTY!!!
    Bible reading I need more of as well. LOve your blog look and we'll look forward to seeing you all some time this year in TN. Take Care my Dear and Best of Wishes for this year's goals.