Thursday, June 4, 2009

the unseen

We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen (2 Cor. 4:18).
I clicked over on Crosswalk today to look up a reference for a verse that I wanted to use about friends. However, the homepage displayed this verse and it was funny because I had been thinking about this very thing a few days ago.
So many times I am short-sighted when it comes to what God wants for me, my kids, my husband, my church, etc. and I don't remember that He knows what will happen before it happens as well as what will happen as a result.
Let me give an example. I read a blog (suprise, suprise, suprise!) over at MckMama every day. I have various reasons for reading it now, but the original reason was because she had a little man, Stellan, who was sick and they were in the hospital (his is a long story, and you can read it for yourself). I checked up on him to know how to pray and just because I'm nosy. Well, her blog is read by millions of people (how does that happen?) and she has shared her struggles with her life as it looks today in many posts. Who knows how many have been touched by her story? God does. He knew that Stellan was sick; He knew that they would spend many weeks in the hospital; He knows all of the answers!
MckMama didn't. She struggled with frustration, fear, anxiety, loneliness, and at times, I am sure that she asked WHY????? Before God made Stellan He knew of these struggles, He knows how many people will be touched, He knows the outcome, He knows the big, big plans that He has for Stellan. We get so caught up in what we don't know that we forget that He does know!
Does that make sense? I sometimes get caught up in what my children are going to do with their futures. I try to control (I'm sure you are shocked) the decisions that they make. BUT, I have not stopped in a while to consider..............
1. The sheer number of people that Shea touches for Him in her present job because people see His beauty shine through.
2. What good will or has already come from Stevie's art in the people that it has touched.
3. The number of contacts that Stevie has made for the Lord while witnessing to people in her art classes.
4. That there may be a very good reason why Shea has waited to go back to school until now.....He alone holds the future!
5. Why, at this time, it appears as though Luke's dream of becoming a pilot may not come to fruition.
My questions continue..............BUT so do His answers. I cannot see them clearly all of the time (this is where that sky writer comes in handy), but I need to remember that He sees the unseen, and I need to trust Him with that.

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