Tuesday, June 30, 2009

perpetually pregnant pastor's wife

Yes, I'm back. Well, not technically back home, because we are still at the beach, but back to my blog.
Tonight, we wanted seafood (isn't that why you come to the beach?) so we went to a restaurant called The Fish House. We don't really like buffets, but most of the joints here are just that. Of course there are tons of coupons everywhere for those places if you go early, but since we had decided to eat a little later we just picked this place out knowing nothing about it. We had been by it and the parking lot usually had a crowd, so we figured with so many people there it was probably good. We arrived to an almost empty parking lot and I thought, oh boy, hope this is good. We walked in, and there was NOBODY there! Really worried now.......I told the waiter I was a little scared. Let me tell you this about The Fish House................ IT IS DA BOMB!! That food was great. I don't know where everyone else went to eat tonight, but I was glad Steve had picked The Fish House! AND we were pleased as punch that it wasn't a buffet!
I know you are wondering what the heck the title of this post has to do with eating seafood..I'M GETTING TO IT! After eating our fill of fish, shrimp, and deviled crab for me and fish, shrimp and scallops for Steve (Luke didn't go with us and Stevie only wanted clam chowder--weird children I have raised) we were ready for the wheelbarrow to roll out of there. As we got back to our place, I said, "maybe I should buy some maternity clothes and people will just think I'm pregnant" (my belly was really poking out there after that meal) and Steve said, "yeah, you could be the perpetually pregnant pastor's wife".
Now that's what I call supportive, don't you?


  1. Food eaten on vacation or from someone else's plate contain no calories.