Thursday, June 25, 2009

minister's wives luncheon

Every year on Tuesday of the convention there is a luncheon for the minister's wives. I've only recently started attending, but for the most part I have found them to be entertaining. I, along with all of the other wives, actually go for the loot, not the program!

This year, the luncheon format was different and was suppose to include an expo of what I thought would be useful resources for.........women. But. it. was. not.

Instead we were herded through a line where we were suppose to have this little paper signed at each booth, not actually look through the materials at the booths or speak to anyone. The signed paper had a code on it and that code corresponded with a door prize. Everybody won something so that was positive.

Three ladies won a CRUISE! nope, that wasn't me.
Six ladies won a retreat in the mountains! not me, again.
One lady won a Timothy/Barnabas conference where there is tons of free loot! again, not me.
The majority of the women won something that could be used in women's ministry at their church! nope, nada, not me.

I won.....wait for it.......the Patriot's Bible. Now, I ask you, with my family already owning 60 Bibles who really thought I needed another one? AND one that was not even geared toward a woman! Maybe I can sell it on Half and spend the money on something for the ladies at our church. So disappointing. I appreciate the sentiment, but really?

The best part of the luncheon was the table where I sat. The ladies there were wonderful...all of us sharing our common struggles. Isn't that what the luncheon should be about? There was a forum of mega-church pastors' wives up at the front yammering, but no one back where we were was listening to them. They don't remember the struggles that we have, and we have nothing in common with them. Why not let the luncheon be a "real" place for "real" conversation? I don't need platitudes from the likes of Donna Gaines or Susie Hawkins. They probably have their fan base, but those of us doing the day to day work (and not being paid for it) need encouragers in our lives who are authentic in their love of the Lord and who truly understand the struggles of the "small-church" pastor's family (let's not forget that we make up the vast majority of the SBC).

In the end, we were surprised with a beautiful bag that says The Romans 12:1 Woman on the front and it was filled with stuff (premier designs always gives a piece of jewelry and this year it was pearls-nice). I met some nice ladies, one of whom I hope to keep in contact with, and had a good lunch.

Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1

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