Tuesday, June 9, 2009

rekindled friendship

I've written here before about Facebook and all of the "friends" that I have reconnected with since joining (and now I am totally addicted--it's ridiculous, really!). BUT, one friend in particular was very special to me when I saw her on FB. I had looked for her on the internet before not really knowing where she had gotten off to, and certainly not thinking that we lived anywhere near closely to each other. BUT, I found her and we do, indeed, live closer than I thought (like 3 hours instead of across the country).

Janet and I attended Augusta State University when it was just "Augusta College". We were unlikely friends~~me, a just-graduated know-it-all kid, and she~ and empty nester back to school unwillingly. However, a friendship blossomed out of that unusual pairing, and it was one that I cherished back then and still do today. I haven't seen Janet in at least 19 years~they moved back to California the year I got married~ and it was difficult to stay in touch. While we did talk a few times right after she moved, we both had lives to live. I had kids to raise, she had traveling to do, and we drifted as happens so many times.

Janet and her husband, Mac, live life to the fullest. They are always doing something fun and exciting, and I told her recently that I was living vicariously through her! LOL She recently started her own blog where she is documenting many of their activities. Her descriptions of her various activities keeps me smiling, especially since I can hear her voice saying those things. Take a moment to check them out (linked over to the left-MacQueblogspot, I’d link it here too but I am just too lazy) and get to know Janet. I think you will like her!

Janet, I know you are reading this……so I’m going to say that I’m glad you’re found!! I hope that one day soon I will make it down there and really see you live and in person instead of just via FB.

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  1. Patty I was thrilled when you found me on Facebook, I've looked for you online through the years with no success. The years have treated you well and your children are beautiful, though Shea is a grown woman now. Who'd have thought that Mac and I would end up back in Georgia. We must get together this summer.