Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I haven't done a Not me! Monday post in I thought I would give it another shot! Remember that this idea comes from MckMama so check her and all of the other blogs posting their Not me's today as well.

I did not regain a renewed appreciation of mothers with preschoolers after having my two beautiful nephews all last week. And on that front, I did not let them sleep in their clothes one night because everyone was exhausted from VBS and just wanted a little peace!

I certainly did not spend countless hours on the internet searching and re-searching for the absolute lowest priced, however resort-like place to stay at the beach, because I am so cheap!

I did not finally give up and tell my hubby that if he wanted to relax at the beach, he better find a place to stay because I was tired of looking!

I certainly did not agree to have a pie thrown in my face at VBS if the boys brought the most canned goods and then when they won, suggest to my hubby that he should take my place at the last minute!

I absolutely, most definitely did not lose my 5 year old nephew one night at VBS only to panic and subsequently find him at home in bed...........asleep!

I did not tell the VBS photographer (a 13 year old boy) to not take a picture of my BIG butt while planting flowers with the preschoolers!

I certainly did not DANCE at VBS at the front of our southern baptist church!

What about you? Any not me's?

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