Monday, June 22, 2009


Yep, it's Monday. We made it last night to Louisville with sanity intact. Why would I say such a thing you ask? Well, all four of us came in Steve's car. WE aren't use to taking trips in a car! However, our van has decided that maybe it is ready....way before we are ready for it go to van heaven. I am still hoping that it can be like Lazarus...and be reawakened! It's not completely gone, actually, but not up for a trip through the mountains.

Today, we all got up to head over to the expo center for the pastor's conference. We waited 45 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up.....outside.....with lightning and thunder and many,many, many raindrops. Finally, we made it!

As we walked around looking at the vendors...the kids were CRABBY! especially Luke. I know, I know, you can't believe that a 13 year old boy would be crabby. Well, he was.

We venture over to the Olan Mills area,(I am not actually aware that is where we are venturing, just following the hubby around), and the salesperson grabs us and asked if it's time to have our yearly picture taken. Now, I generally try to avoid this area, but alas, I am stuck. He says, "Are you having a good hair day?" and then actually looks at our heads to see. Who does that? Like if I let them take this picture, I will actually be displaying it somewhere! Who cares what kind of hair day we are having? Anyway, I digress. They take the picture, and as I am trying to SPRINT away from the offensive area, we are stopped by this little old man (also a salesman) who says, "Don't you want to wait and see it on the big screen?" WHAT??? That just makes me run faster! WHALE ALERT ON THE BIG SCREEN! Good grief!

The highlight of the morning was getting caramel corn...........and the nap that I took while the rest of the fam went to eat gourmet........Waffle House.

Right now, glorious quiet. The kids have gone to register for Centrifuge and I am waiting for Steve to return so that we can go have a quiet dinner.

I love the convention, but today was a bust. Tomorrow will be better!

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