Friday, June 12, 2009

happy birthday, stevie!

About six weeks after Steve and I got married, I found out I was pregnant. It didn't really come as a surprise since we knew that we wanted to have a baby pretty quickly. It wasn't long after finding out that we KNEW we were in TROUBLE :O) The baby began to do flips inside my belly and this continued for months! She never really slowed down.............

And, on June 13, 1991, we went to the hospital for my scheduled c-section to meet for the first time ever, little miss flippy. She was so small and beautiful...all of my babies had perfectly round heads (no alien-looking babies for me!) and Steve was so proud to show her off! We went knowing the baby was a girl and her name would be...Heather Brooke. We had decided on that name after MUCH deliberation (since everything I liked Steve hated and vice-versa). However, we brought home a baby girl named.......Stevie Dawn, named for both her parents (my middle name is Dawn and if you can't figure out where Stevie came from, then that is just sad!).

She was a booga-boo from day one. Around day seven, she turned over and out of the bassinet she came and into her own crib. She tried everything early, but if she couldn't do it perfectly, she gave up until she could master it.Heck, she was making her own pb&j sandwich in the dark at 2AM when she was 3. She's still kind of like that!

She's had many, many struggles and brought much joy to our lives. I am amazed at the woman she has become. Her thoughts are so deep and her strength to endure so determined. She makes us laugh, A LOT! She also makes us so proud with her accomplishments...if you haven't seen her paintings, you are truly missing something! She is 100% tomboy (much to my chagrin), yet 100% a softy. She loves kids and animals; reading and music; her family and most importantly God. She asks intense questions about God and her faith, and gives simplistic answers to those who need it.

Steve and I have done the best we can.......and let God do the rest. He did a pretty darn good job with this one! So, today, Stevie, in the eyes of the world, you become an adult. In the eyes of your parents, you will always be "our little girl". We love you so much. We are proud of you, and we look forward to what God is going to do with your life from here!

On your 18th birthday, here's 18 reasons why I love you (there are so many more, but let's don't go crazy!!)

1. You are sooooooooooooo FUNNY! I love those fb quotes.
2. You love people in a BIG way.
3. You are very tolerant.
4. You are very giving....sometimes too much so like when you try to give away paintings that I want to keep.
5. Your eyes crinkle when you laugh.
6. Your puffy little cheeks.
7. You take care of others before yourself.
8. You share willingly.
9. You are so good with kids and seasoned adults.....they are a lot alike!
10.You have the ability to make me lose myself in your landscapes.
11.You take care of your brother.....even though he would never in a million years admit it!
12.You are passionate about God.
13.You love loud: your actions speak louder than your words!
14.You think through what you are going to say before you say it.
15.Your writing amazes me....everyone should read your blog...and gain some insight :o)
16.You snort when you laugh.....that's a gift, my friend!
17.When you like something you really, really, really, like it (Twilight and Wicked, to name a few)
18.You have embraced who you are and you are making that work for you


Now, enough of the sweet, sugary stuff........could you go clean your room now?

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  1. Patty, your daughter sounds wonderful, I'm hoping to meet her some day.