Monday, March 1, 2010

what's on your heart?

I have so many things on my heart right now that I hardly know where to start. Steve and I have been praying about several things that we sense God wanting to do both at church and in our personal lives that I am full up so I thought I'd let a little bit of it spill out.

First, I have a strong burden for the women's ministry at our church. There's a gap, and it needs to be closed. So, a team of ladies and myself are trying to build a bridge. We are starting with a purse swap which I am so excited about!

Second, one of my son's friends lost his mom last week. The little guy is having a hard time, and is going to need lots of support. I don't know this family, but feel that we should do something for them. Suggestions? I hurt for them so, so much.

Third, I can't really go into the details or really even give a hint about this one. Suffice it to say that it will be a HUGE change for our family, and will require some sacrifices on the part of each person. I've known for sometime that God was asking for something big, but didn't know what. I'm still not one hundred percent sure, but have a little better feeling about what that something is. My heart overflows that HE finds us worthy.

Fourth, families all around us are seemingly falling apart. I feel so helpless knowing that I cannot do anything to help (but pray), and just fighting the urge to fix everything.

Lastly, our VBS is going to be a big challenge this year. It requires a lot of people to step outside of their comfort zone, but I know that it can be a blessing to so many.

I told you there were a ton of things.....and I didn't go into most of them or give a lot of details, so just imagine how long my prayers are getting to be!!! I'm having to pray in installments.

So, what's on your heart?


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  1. Thank you for your message. (Your blog is adorable!)

    I am interested to see how the women's ministry gap is bridged. I feel the same way about it in my church but I'm at a loss as to how to change it. Be my example!

    (I'm friends with Lisa at PW!)