Friday, March 26, 2010


Every blog I read seems to be talking about spring cleaning.....except one.......MY OWN! I need to be doing that cleaning thing no matter what season it is. The closets are a mess, and for me, that is something! I do love a clean closet. The rest of my house can be messy, dusty, cluttery (I don't think that's a word), but dag-gum, my closets are going to be organized!

I feel the same way about drawers (the kind you put stuff in--not wear!). Wonder why that is?? Maybe because I am really an organized and efficient kind of gal who likes things in their place...IN MY MIND....but gave up having a house like that a long time ago!

Maybe one day when it's just Steve and me living alone. Although, tonight on the way to dinner, Stevie and Luke decided that we would probably never be empty nesters. We'll just keep getting kids until we die. Nice, huh??

Well, enough rambling for one night.......maybe that spring cleaning needs to start in my brain! I should be waxing poetic about how we should clean out our spiritual closets and all of that, but honestly, all I can really think about it how in the world I will ever be ready to teach on Monday since I haven't completed my powerpoint presentation yet!

Ugh......enough already!

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  1. I'm with you about closets and my kitchen drawers are next. And unfortunately being an empty nester will not help the state of cleanliness in a house, ours is worse. In fact it was cleaner when we were working because we weren't in it often enough to dirty it.