Friday, March 19, 2010


When I wrote my last post, I had originally planned for it to hit the blog on Sunday after Steve had told the church our news. We thought it was important for them to hear it first from our mouths and not secondhand. However, he decided to mention it Wednesday night so I went ahead and posted. So, that means that we actually hadn't been to the orientation meeting when you read it.

Last night, was the orientation meeting. That room was full of people who want to adopt. I couldn't believe it, although I think the vast majority of them wanted a baby. Not me, though. Although, knowing how God works, what I don't want is probably exactly what He has in mind! The lady in charge gave us tons of information to think about and process. What was funny, though, was that Steve and I each heard something different on several issues. So, I immediately had to come home and email our family worker to get some clarification--which I am not expecting until sometime next week. The one thing that we are sure about is that we have to be at a 7 hour training on April 10. The other thing that I am sure (well, almost) about is that the child we saw on the sc heart gallery is probably not the child we will end up with! The process is not at all what I thought it would be.

We are still very excited about this possibility. Still nervous about some things like that whole home study thing...........that's intense.........and I know some people who should have to have that done before they have their own children........we probably all know people like that!!

So, we keep working towards the goal and reminding ourselves that this process belongs to God. We'll keep praying for that new family member..................wherever he or she may be!

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  1. I'm happy for you, and wish there were more people willing to adopt older children.