Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This month represents the eve of the last month of school for A VERY LONG WHILE, I hope! Accomplishing this will be great, but first I must make it through this last little bit. You know how it is when you are nearing the end of something......school, job, whatever.....you kinda get sick of it and just want it done. For me, the motivation seems to be lagging, and thus, here I sit blogging instead of finishing up my power point for my staff development I have to teach tomorrow!

I have AT LEAST nineteen projects to finish not to mention that the house needs to be cleaned....the dust bunnies are having babies again; the laundry needs to be folded....it ain't gonna fold itself ya know; VBS needs workers and supplies need to be ordered....AND, well, you get the picture.............it's LIFE. Not to mention that our new adventure is slow-going which, if you know me, you know is driving me crazy! I am a woman of action........and I don't like slow.

As I write this, Annie and the other orphans are singing "It's a Hard Knock Life".....ironic.

I'm ready to blog something happy, so I shall take my leave for today and come back when this week settles down!

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