Saturday, March 6, 2010


Right now, there's a group of bloggers in Kenya through Compassion International, and they are doing what they do---blogging and posting pictures of the people and conditions there. CI allows you to sponsor children around the world for $38 per month. The children write you letters and you can write back to them. Sometimes, you get pictures from the children as well. I know this to be true because I remember as a child, my family sponsoring one of these children and looking forward to the letters we received.

I think CI is great. I really, really do. However, I believe that my heart lies closer to home. I believe that in our effort to help the world, sometimes we forget about our own backyard. With children in situations in America that most would find unacceptable, we have conditioned ourselves to overlook them or believe that things couldn't possibly be that bad since we live in such a great nation. We do live in a great nation, but even here, we have kids living without running water or electricity. We have kids who don't have enough to eat. We have kids who have never been hugged or who believe themselves to be unlovable because that is what the adults in their lives tell them.

Not every child can be saved. Not every situation can be fixed. This is true in America and in other countries. We can, however, do our part. There's so many ways to help. I know you're busy. I know the economy is bad. I know things in your life aren't perfect. Believe me, I KNOW! What can you do?
  1. Contribute to a sacks of love program (or start one if your school district doesn't have this)
  2. Give a hug
  3. Collect school supplies and donate them (your school will know someone who needs them)
  4. Give to United Way (do you know what they can do with $1 a month?)
  5. Pray for direction, God will give you a suggestion
Any of the above take very little effort on your part, but will make a difference.

Everyone has a favorite cause or charity, one that means something to them. We have all been touched by something that brings out the activist in us. Get involved. My passion is kids (can you tell?). Yours may be something entirely different. Make a difference in someone's life TODAY. I know that until I take my dying breath, I'll fight for what is right for kids. They can't fight for themselves.

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