Tuesday, March 2, 2010

imma needs: bachelor edition

Imma hasn't come out in awhile, but it is definitely time with the lastest installment of The Bachelor over.

1. Imma needs for Mike Fleiss to ban a few words from his writers: journey, dramatic, and connection.

2. Imma needs for ABC to do some better polling of these contestants for love........Vienna, Really?? And what about that Michelle girl? eww Rozlyn?? double ewww

3. Imma needs for ABC to hire an English teacher.............what is up with that pronoun misuse? His and I? better yet, his and I's life!

4. Imma needs to never have to listen to Tenley's voice again for the Rest of MY life! Seriously, that girl's voice was grating. Woohoo--I thought Trista was bad.

5. Imma needs for someone to STOP leaking information to Reality Steve........you ruined it for me...........Goodbye, RS.

6. Imma needs for the media to get over what Jason did to "poor" Melissa. She's married, already, Imma thinks Melissa is over it---you should be too.

7. Lastly, Imma needs to never again hear the song, "On the Wings of Love".......totally ruined it for me!

Thanks, ABC, for listening to Imma....she's a pretty smart cookie!

1 comment:

  1. So funny! We don't have any TV channels since the digital conversion thingy, but ABC used to be our one channel and every season I would get sucked in to the Bachelor and say I would never do it again. Maybe God took away our channel to help me break free. :)